Trying Out the Awfully Posh Lomo Crisps

One thing that I miss after living for two years in Spain is their delicious food, especially the extraordinary pork dishes. Be it Jamon Serrano or Jamon Iberico de bellota, lomo slices for sandwiches or fresh chops in the supermarket, or the fantastic pork cheeks tapas, the quality of the pork meat in Spain is probably the highest in the world. The Iberian pigs are raised on oak forest pastures, allowing them to move freely and burn more calories, contributing to their lean meat. The Iberian pigs are fed different types of acorns which have an essential role in producing that delicious ham that we all order on the charcuterie boards when we travel to Spain.

After tasting their delicious pork crackling back in summer, I got excited when Awfully Posh sent me a pack of their new lomo crisps to try out. I didn’t really know what to expect at the beginning and I thought they might just be pork flavoured crisps. So, imagine my surprise when I opened the pack and I found crispy air-dried slices of pork loin.

What is Lomo?


If you have travelled to Spain before you might know that lomo translates as pork loin, one of the leanest pork cuts. It comes from the muscle that runs along the backbone of the animal and it’s very tender. It is used mostly for roasting, broiling, sautéing or braising.

What are Awfully Posh Lomo Crisps?


Awfully Posh has made the perfect snack: tasty, crispy, and full of goodness. The Awfully Posh Lomo Crisps are thin slices of Iberian pork loin cured with garlic and paprika, and air-dried until they become crispy. They are gluten-free, low carb and high in protein, so they are not only great as a treat but also as an after work out snack.

What did I think?


As soon as I opened the package that familiar aroma of salty but sweet Spanish ham was released into the air. The crisps are very thin, almost see-through, and are surrounded by a delicate layer of fat, which contributes to their delicious taste. As we all know, the flavour of the pork is in the fat.

The taste is quite authentic and if you’ve ever had lomo on your sandwiches before, you will know the flavour. It’s meaty, salty, with gentle hints of garlic.

The texture of the lomo is extremely crispy, which makes it a perfect accompaniment to drinks. In fact, lomo crisps are a very popular snack in pubs. However, with the current crises, we live in and more and more pubs closing, you can now buy the Awfully Posh Lomo Crisps online, on their official website by clicking here.

A pack of Awfully Posh Lomo Crisps next to a bottle of Mahou beer

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Please note that this is a sponsored post and I received the crisps free of charge to review them.

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  1. Rachel says:

    These sound so tasty. I love different snacks and these sound like ones to try. I hadn’t heard of them before but thank you for sharing them.

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