Two Days Singapore Itinerary, Written By a Local


It was a long time ago when I often get asked, ”Where is Singapore?”. Or the person might say “oh I know, China! Which part?”

Frankly, it was a little annoying but then again, Singapore is just a tiny red dot in far flung Southeast Asia.

Things have certainly changed for us now, as people I speak to these days all sing praises about my country, talking about how beautiful, how clean and how friendly the people are. We are on the map now!

So if you are one of 19 million who will be visiting soon, you might want to strap in and learn about the best two days Singapore itinerary, written for you by a Singaporean.

Let’s dive in!


How to get to Singapore:

By flight: Most visitors to Singapore will arrive by air, as Changi International Airport is an important travel hub to serve the entire region. Most large cities in the world will have direct flights here, or transit through here.

As Singapore is a very small country, getting to the city is a breeze. You can make use of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), our train system, to get to the city in around 40 minutes. A standard fare ticket will cost $2.60 (£1.4)

By land: Singapore has 2 land connections with only 1 country, our closest neighbour up north Malaysia. If you arrive in Malaysia, you can choose to rent a car, take a coach, or hop on to a train to get to Singapore.

By sea: If you are visiting on a cruise liner, you will either arrive at Singapore Cruise Centre or Marina Bay Cruise Centre, both of which are located near the city centre and can be accessed easily by MRT.

P.S: Check visa requirements here.


Getting around Singapore


Singapore is well connected by public transport, so getting around is extremely easy. Choose from buses, MRT or taxis. There are lots of districts around the city where you can explore on foot, but if you think the heat will be a problem, you can always use public transport. I recommend that you purchase an EZ-Link card at the airport MRT station in this case. This pre-paid card allows you to use buses or MRT at a lower rate than standard.


Highlights of a Two Days Singapore Itinerary

Day 1:

Jewel Changi Airport

Gardens by the Bay

Marina Bay Sands

Day 2:

Tiong Bahru Estate


Clarke Quay


2 Days Singapore Itinerary: Day 1

Jewel Changi Airport


Most of the visitors who arrive in Singapore come through our Changi International Airport, which has picked up numerous awards over the years, including the prestigious Airport of the Year by Skytrax 8 times in a row!

It has now upped the game, revealing to the public a brand new building named Jewel. To say it is an architectural masterpiece is an understatement.

Your 2 days Singapore itinerary starts at the airport! Be sure to make this your first stop when you arrive in Singapore, and witness for yourself an amazing shopping experience flanked by some of the best restaurants in the country.

Occupying 10 stories and spanning over 135,000 square meters, it is not just a shopping haven. Even if you are not an avid shopper, there are lots of activities to keep you entertained. Check out the Forest Valley and Canopy Park, which are 2 beautiful indoor gardens that showcase a wide variety of flora from all over the world.

I recommend that you make your way to the top floor to get the best view to admire the Rain Vortex, which is the world’s largest indoor waterfall!


Address: 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666

Opening Hours: 24 hours, but check individual merchants for their times


Gardens by the Bay


Singapore has always been known as the Garden City, thanks to efforts by the government to incorporate lots of greenery into our streets.

As a first time visitor to Singapore, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a trip to Gardens by the Bay, located in the famous Marina Bay area, and instantly recognizable for its giant Super Trees.

This nature park that sits on 101 hectares of land is a great attraction to visit, especially nature lovers. Whether you choose to explore the outdoors and admire the art scattered around the park, or if you wish to cool off indoors, the choice is yours.

With 12 different attractions located here, you can easily spend half a day checking them out. I recommend that you take a short walk in the outdoor park, before going into the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. The exhibits in both these 2 areas do change from time to time, but you can be assured that the variety is abundant and stunning.

Without having to fly around the world, your eyes can feast on the most unique species of flora, such as the Yucca Rostrata and cute succulents from Africa. It feels almost like you are being transported to another world, and the experience is really amazing.


Address: 18 Marina Gardens Dr, Singapore 018953
Opening Hours: Outdoor gardens 5am – 2am, Indoor conservatories 9am – 9pm


Marina Bay Sands

03 - marina sands

Have you seen the skyline of Singapore before? Maybe in pictures or travel documentaries, or maybe Instagram? It is pretty likely that you were looking at Marina Bay Sands (MBS), the iconic integrated resort that opened its doors in 2010 to both great fanfare and controversy alike.

It has quickly developed a reputation for being one of the premier entertainment spots in the region, attracting well-heeled shoppers and casual tourists from all over.

From Gardens by the Bay, take the short walk across a footbridge to arrive at MBS. There is so much in store for you! Let’s see where to start.

I recommend that you start off by checking out the Artscience Museum right outside the main building of MBS. Very often, it hosts specially curated exhibits from other museums from around the world, in addition to significant exhibitions that cover the arts and sciences. Famous works have been displayed here before, from Van Gogh to Dali and everything in between.

Next up, consider the cheesy activity of a gondola ride along the “canals” of MBS, reminiscent of Venice. While the views here are replaced by the lofty high-end boutiques, it is nonetheless a fun activity for a family with kids and a pair of lovers.

The fun doesn’t end here, as you should now take the lift up to the Sky Park and Observation Deck, where you will be awed by the magnificent panoramic views of Singapore. Try to time your visit to occur during the evening hours, where the sunset makes for a magical experience.


Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

Opening Hours: 24 hours, but check individual merchants for their times


2 Days Singapore Itinerary: Day 2

Tiong Bahru Estate


Start your second day in Singapore Tiong Bahru estate, one of the oldest in the country. It is located near the city centre and can be reached very easily by buses or simply take the MRT to Tiong Bahru Station.

This enclave preserves some of the oldest public housing in Singapore and is now a hipster area, filled with great cafes and amazing local food.

The locals come early in droves to get their daily supplies from the wet market, which is a unique experience in itself, especially for Westerners. This kind of market is not common in Western society but is an integral part over here.

Before you leave, be sure to try out the local food at the hawker centre on the upper floor.


Address: Walk from Tiong Bahru MRT towards Tiong Bahru Food Centre

Opening hours: Market starts as early as 5 am, closes by noon; shops typically 10am onwards till 10pm



04 - chinatown

Next up, Chinatown.

From the main road at Tiong Bahru, either take bus service 33 or 63 or use the MRT to reach Chinatown MRT station.

This lively district is best covered by foot, so be sure to put on a good pair of walking shoes!

First stop is the Heritage Centre to get a better understanding of its history and see some of the exhibits on display.

Tip: they regularly give out discount coupons so ask if there is one at the counter!

Along the streets, you can really soak in the hustle and bustle and keep your eyes glued to the well preserved architecture that dots the landscape.

One of the must-visits is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, a wonderful Buddhist temple that currently operates as a museum as well. The design is from the Tang Dynasty, one of the most important dynasties of Chinese history that reigned over 1000 years ago.

After your visit, drop by to the Chinatown Food Complex to get more dips on the local food scene. Spend the rest of your afternoon exploring the alleyways of Chinatown.


Address: Chinatown MRT Station

Opening hours: Most shops start at 10am, closes at 10pm



Clarke Quay


Last stop for the day will be spent chilling beside the Singapore River, which acted as an important trade and commerce centre back in the old days. Today, it has transformed into a lively nightlife and plays host to some of the top restaurants and bars in Singapore.

The best way to explore it is by walking around, or bar hopping. For the adventurous, try out the reverse bungee situated at the end of the shop houses.


Address: Walk from Clarke Quay MRT Station

Opening hours: Most shops start at 10am, closes at 12am



Tips for first time visitors:

Where Should You Stay in Singapore


I highly recommended that you stay at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel during your two days Singapore itinerary.

It is such an icon and there are some many excellent restaurants and activities that you can take part in. It is located right in the heart of the city and makes travelling extremely easy due to its connectivity with public transport.


Other options include:

Best Time to Visit Singapore

The best time to visit Singapore is really anytime, since we are blessed with good weather year-round. You do need to be aware that we are a tropical country, which means that rainfall can come suddenly and heavily, but typically never lasts for too long. Pack a small umbrella or rain jacket if you must, but there are lots of indoor areas to seek shelter should you encounter rain.


Currency of Singapore

The official currency used here is the Singapore Dollars. You can easily exchange for it at the airport (undesirable rates) or do so downtown (much better rates). Cash and credit card is widely accepted. One Singapore Dollar equals £0,57.


Other Useful Tips to Remember

  • The weather here is hot and humid, so be sure to bring lots of water plus your cap, shades and sunscreen
  • Toilets are mostly clean and tap water is drinkable
  • Avoid committing crimes, even petty ones like littering and spitting. You will not like the fine!
  • Do not smoke at any random place. Smoking is prohibited in all indoor places and even some outdoor places, so check before you light up
  • Take the left when using escalators
  • Use the MyTransport app to navigate the public transport system



So there you have it, a day in Singapore to remember. If you are searching for more best things to do in Singapore, I recommend that you check out Kampong Glam or the Bugis area which is located near Marina Bay Sands.

I hope you enjoy Singapore and have lots of fun!

Author’s Box:

Shang is one half of the couple behind Zip Up and Go, a travel blog that takes you to explore the best nature spots, food places, and watering holes. While not travelling, she dreams about rock climbing in Krabi. Find us on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook!


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