Unboxing Zacuska – August and September

I can’t believe that it’s almost a year since I first subscribed to the Zacuska subscription box, the only one of its kind in Europe which comes monthly with foodie treats from Eastern Europe. I keep wanting to show you want’s inside the box, but I’ve been so busy lately that I never had the chance to sit down, photograph and write about all the products. Plus, the goodies inside are so tempting that I always ended up eating some of them as soon as I opened the box.

So, I decided to make a video and show you what yummy products came in the box in August and September. As I am currently based in Spain, I had to wait for my post to arrive and this is why I have two boxes.

So, let’s see what’s inside! ?

Which was your favourite product from inside the box? What would you like to try first?


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  1. Now this is an awesome sounding box, I’ve not heard of it before but what a great way to try different products from Eastern Europe! I wouldn’t know which product to try first at all.

  2. Glad you have included the video on the Zacuska box, I was as curious as you to find out what’s is inside. (The flemingo behind you is kind of cute). It is interesting to learn that the snacks come from all over the eastern Europe. I love to learn more about the food/snacks in Eastern europe!

  3. You know it’s a good box if you’ve subscribed for a year and still have good things to say. 🙂 I like subscription boxes.

  4. This looks like a fun and an awesome subscription box. I never heard of this Zacuska before but it sounds like something that I can use.

  5. A box of European snacks, well that sounds pretty amazing! If I was in that part of the world it would be a awesome subscription because I love food and subscription boxes.

  6. this subscription box looks so cool! I stopped subscribing because I didn’t like to buy stuff I ignored what was inside or if I would make good use of it!

  7. You had me salivating at the covered strawberries— they are definitely my weakness but I only get them during the holidays. I’d try this box just for those!

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