Until when? You need to stop!

I woke up this morning with the sad news of the terrorist attack from Brussels airport and with a lump in my throat, knowing that my friend was returning from Brussels with an early flight. Her phone was off and she wouldn’t reply on Facebook. Luckily, she wasn’t there. By the time I got to the office, my phone alert went red again: another attack, at the underground this time.

I felt anger and helplessness. A lot of anger! Yesterday evening I was returning from a short trip and I felt I passed through security too easily. Before I boarded the plane I studied carefully most of the fellow passengers. Why did I look suspicious to the old man that didn’t go through the metal detector because of his pacemaker? Why do I have to feel this way when I travel? Why do I have to fear, why do I have to stereotype?

I am sad. What did we ever do to be the victims of these lunatics?


I am not going to talk about politics, or faults. I am only going to talk about the people that have died. It could have been any of us. It could have been me, a year ago, when I caught an early flight to return back to the UK, after visiting a friend in Antwerp. It could have been you, tomorrow, waiting to board a flight to see your family. It could have been that couple, checking in for their honeymoon in Asia. But today, it wasn’t us. It was them, who woke up early, took a cab to the airport, and looked forward to those happy moments waiting for them at the destination. But they never got that chance, they were blown up by a bunch of lunatics.

I want to be safe! I want to feel protected by the country I live in. I want to travel knowing that nothing can happen! But now I am worried. I look around me and I see people that are worried. And I admire what is happening now in Brussels. People are worried, but they don’t fear. The same as after the attacks in Paris.

Why can’t we live in peace? We are not the decisions of our Governments!

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32 thoughts on “Until when? You need to stop!

  1. Ana De- Jesus says:

    It breaks my heart to know that there are people who are selfish enough to not just kill random strangers but people who have not even had a chance to live their lives. Children, babies, young teens on the cusp of love. Its not fair and it is sad that a year on this insanity still exists!

  2. Rashmi&Chalukya says:

    You have spoken our heart out Joanna. Does someone who travelled to Belgium to see and learn its culture, made friends or someone who visited the country on a good cause deserve all this. We think at such times we who travel as tourists or backpackers can be more proactive and spread a word of love in any country we visit.

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