Until when? You need to stop!

I woke up this morning with the sad news of the terrorist attack from Brussels airport and with a lump in my throat, knowing that my friend was returning from Brussels with an early flight. Her phone was off and she wouldn’t reply on Facebook. Luckily, she wasn’t there. By the time I got to the office, my phone alert went red again: another attack, at the underground this time.

I felt anger and helplessness. A lot of anger! Yesterday evening I was returning from a short trip and I felt I passed through security too easily. Before I boarded the plane I studied carefully most of the fellow passengers. Why did I look suspicious to the old man that didn’t go through the metal detector because of his pacemaker? Why do I have to feel this way when I travel? Why do I have to fear, why do I have to stereotype?

I am sad. What did we ever do to be the victims of these lunatics?


I am not going to talk about politics, or faults. I am only going to talk about the people that have died. It could have been any of us. It could have been me, a year ago, when I caught an early flight to return back to the UK, after visiting a friend in Antwerp. It could have been you, tomorrow, waiting to board a flight to see your family. It could have been that couple, checking in for their honeymoon in Asia. But today, it wasn’t us. It was them, who woke up early, took a cab to the airport, and looked forward to those happy moments waiting for them at the destination. But they never got that chance, they were blown up by a bunch of lunatics.

I want to be safe! I want to feel protected by the country I live in. I want to travel knowing that nothing can happen! But now I am worried. I look around me and I see people that are worried. And I admire what is happening now in Brussels. People are worried, but they don’t fear. The same as after the attacks in Paris.

Why can’t we live in peace? We are not the decisions of our Governments!

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  1. I am an Arab and a Muslim too. I just want to get that out the way. Yes, I’m from Saudi Arabia. No, I’m not a terrorist. I’m still a teenager, but I do understand the seriousness of this.
    People are going to judge me and look at me weird, I know that. But I’m fine with that.
    I also have that same sadness and helplessness as you do, trust me, but I don’t think that it’s okay to judge people because of their nationality.
    As you said, yes we can’t help but stereotype, and I’m gonna be completely honest, I do that too.
    I feel so so heartbroken about all the attacks that ISIS have been a part of. I am in danger because of ISIS too, all of us are.

    I am Arab, and proud. It’s not my fault that a bunch of extremists bombed, and killed thousands of people. I have a heart too, and I feel that same way about all these attacks that have.

    I hope one day, we can live in peace…

    xoxo, Rawan M.

  2. The anger and helplessness is swelling in us all, I think. It seems so maddening and ludicrous to us that stuff like this has to happen and we seem to becoming less and less effective at controlling it or minimizing the risks/dangers/prejudices. It’s times like these that my head gets so confused and overwhelmed. :-/

  3. It saddens but our world is crumbling before us because some people want to make it hell for others. But what other countries who have been attacked where is the media’s mention of them? It saddens me.

  4. I was in Paris after the attacks last year and I’m so saddened that a similar incident has happened yet again. More needs to be done to combat ISIL as more and more lives are being lost 🙁

  5. This is the way of life. It could be better though. But throughout history, we always had strife. Was there ever a time in the history of mankind when there was no war going on at any given day?

  6. As my family lives in Belgium ( Belgium these days is everywhere ) , it was very shocking for me aswell when I have heard the morning news . I am not blaming THE muslims , as I have got a lot of dear lovely friends , who are muslims and the most peaceful amiable people , so hearty , so hospitable ! It is way to complicated to be discussed in just a short comment , but I do blame our own governments ! How can these terrorists live amongst us for months , preparing their attacks ?! As I understand , you are from the UK ? I have got lots of friends in the UK , I know what is going on there and I know how the people all over the UK think about all this . I am still hoping for your referendum coming up soon , I really really hope , the UK will leave the EU . That could be the beginning of a big change for all of us . Thanks for this great post , stay safe !!!

  7. I feel ya. I couldn’t agree more. This has to stop such attacks are actually brutal. And this is so right that we are different from our government. I really fail to understand exactly what they are trying to achieve by harming the innocent ones. It is very brave of you to write this post. Somebody had to write on this topic. I wish your post goes viral and somehow it helps in bringing peace to our lives. 🙂

  8. I really don’t know what to say on this matter. It affects so many people, both the victims of Daesh in the middle east, the poor souls who have suffered even more horrific terrors at the hands of these monsters, and the ones yet to come. Standing up for what’s right as opposed to what’s convenient for Political relations and profit, makes one unpopular. But right is right and war is always a dirty business. Find the true Daesh, no forgiveness for those who join them and then wish to return, and save the poor Muslims who have lived with this for longer than us.

  9. This seems to be a permanent way of life for us any more. Here in the US as well since 9/11 having been in NY at the time. I just can not comprehend the devastation, destruction, reasons and so much more. It is so tiring to live in fear at all times. Why?

  10. I am lost for words. I really cannot grasp the sense of terrorizing people by means of random acts of violence. Being paranoid and suspicious is just fine since we must be very vigilant of our environment. Terrorism at all cause is illogical, brutal and pointless. I just pray that these extremist groups will quickly perish just like what they are doing to their fellow human being.

  11. I always wonder… why would those terrorists complicate their lives doing these horrible stuffs wherein they could live peacefully with their families?

  12. And Paris and Brussels are just some of the few that got media attention. Many even worse things are happening (but not in the first world countries) and no one cares. That’s why our world is horrible and i love animals more than humans.

  13. Of course, everyone fears for their own safety. But life goes on. We still have to work, we still have to feed our children. Anger fuels more anger. I hope in time we will all learn to tolerate and love. Sounds like a surreal dream, but again, compassion also begets compassion.

  14. We are living on interesting times, where ideology taught people to offer their lives for their cause, unfortunately, to claim other lives in the process.

    There are good reasons to be afraid, but IMO, if we succumbed to that, the situation will not get any better. I hope I can offer you words of encouragement, but I do not know how… the threat is real but one thing I know, being afraid is not the best response.

  15. Joanna I feel your pain. Honestly I have never feared anything in life u too I became a mother. I want to be able to live to see them through their wonderful lives, at least half way.
    Also I am sick and tired of fearing for them all the time. Of fearing for my family, friends and everyone. I wish peace too

  16. We should spread the love more often, we should forgive, we should be there for those who needs us, we should all be humans all the time…not only in those moments…I feel like the world is going ending with those wars, attack and we can`t do anything to stop…because we fear !

  17. I feel for the people affected by the attacks in Brussels but if I get into why it’s so terrible and why it needs to stop, I’d be here for hours writing a long essay involving politics and the western world … I’m from the UK by the way and I couldn’t believe the news when I saw it! We are travelling home to Hungary in a few months time and I hate having to think about taking alternative routes because of terror attacks, it seems alien to be thinking like this! I hope you feel safe soon and thanks for sharing this post!

  18. It’s terrible the things that innocent people must go through. I’ve become so paranoid with everything that goes on today that I can’t even enjoy a movie in the theater because I”m too busy staring at that person who got up. It makes me sad that we have to live in fear. Something that shouldn’t happen but you just don’t know anymore.

  19. I also want to feel safe. To be able to walk around and wander without any threat.. It’s not just in Brussels but all over the world and it is quite devastating.. Is this the kind of world we leave for the future? This is very upsetting.

  20. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I hate how people don’t see that muslims are NOT the enemy. Refugges are NOT the enemy. This is NOT a religiouse war!

  21. The world is becoming a little scarier every day it seems 🙁 Some crazy and unbelievable things happen to so many people. People that don’t deserve it. Kids who most definitely don’t deserve it. Its heartbreaking. We need to love more…have more compassion…be more forgiving…more understanding. Its so upsetting.

  22. We are sad, we are angry, we are furious and we are powerless…
    Violence exists everywhere in the world, but we understand what it means when it happens just next to us. I was there, this time. I was here in Brussels last week.
    I am still here today. But some people are not here anymore…

  23. Thank you for sharing your feelings on this. It broke my heart thinking of all the people who were suffering. I wish the world didn’t have to be so hard to live in where so many people are hurt and scared.

  24. You have spoken our heart out Joanna. Does someone who travelled to Belgium to see and learn its culture, made friends or someone who visited the country on a good cause deserve all this. We think at such times we who travel as tourists or backpackers can be more proactive and spread a word of love in any country we visit.

  25. It breaks my heart to know that there are people who are selfish enough to not just kill random strangers but people who have not even had a chance to live their lives. Children, babies, young teens on the cusp of love. Its not fair and it is sad that a year on this insanity still exists!

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