Visiting the BMW Welt in Munich


As an admirer of cars and an avid traveler, it is impossible to believe in you being alien to the BMW Welt. Located in what is aptly called the paradise for car lovers in this world, the BMW welt in Germany comes under the huge BMW complex built in the northern end of Munich.

Many people, despite having a halt of information about BMW, usually do not know whether or not there is any difference between the BMW museum in Munich and the BMW Welt in the same locality. This is what confuses them as a traveler to this place and many return from the complex without visiting one of these at all.

You can visit both because there is a footbridge to take you from BMW Welt to BMW Museum. If you have visited the BMW Welt, it is guaranteed that you will feel compelled to visit the Museum too.

BMW Welt exhibits some of the models whereas the Museum presents the history of cars including the pre-war years. Not only about cars, you can also acquire information about the evolution of the BMW plant.

If you are interested in knowing how cars are manufactured, then you should not miss visiting the BMW plant. You will see the range of variety because every car is different from the other. The experts manufacture the cars on the demands of the customers.

They provide extra features and options to each model. But, one thing that will disappoint you here, is the no photography rule. The guides are very strict in this case, so, it is better if you enjoy and live view.

We don’t want your visit to Munich and BMW complex going all in vain. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the most important things you must know about the BMW welt before planning your visit.

We are sure that having this information at your hand, your visit to the amazing world of BMWs will surely become an experience of a lifetime for you to cherish.

If you already own a BMW, we suggest you head to the Eu-Spares website before anything else. Here on, you can buy the spare parts and other accessories to adorn your BMW at an economical rate.

This is necessary so that you don’t feel bad about your vehicle’s look while you are getting your eyes blessed with all the amazing BMW in the welt.

Now, let us discuss some important points about the Welt itself:


The BMW Welt Offers Free Entry

Believe it or not, a place as lavish as the Welt does not charge you even a penny for your visit. This is the most important thing that sets the Welt apart from the museum where you have to pay around 10 to 45 Euros depending on whether you are alone or in a group.


You Can See The Past, And Future in The Present


Being a devotee of BMW cars, you can grab the information regarding previous and upcoming models in the BMW Welt.

Acquiring the information of these models has never been so easy before. From Rolls Royce to Mini everything is in the inventory. BMW Welt also displays cars based on BMW concepts.


Surprise! It Is More Than a Show-Room

Based on the exhibition of various BMW models we can call it a huge showroom. Those who can afford have the opportunity to lay their hands-on lavish cars. But even if you cannot afford it, you should not miss the chance to touch and sit in these cars.

Despite the extensive show of almost all the BMW car models displayed at the BMW welt, it would be inappropriate to call it just a show-room. I have personally seen people collecting their new BMW models while the rest of us were just roaming around, touching, and sitting inside whichever of the BMW models caught our attention.


The Impressive Architectural Marvel


The building of the BMW welt and BMW Museum is no less than an architectural marvel. The Austrian builders Himmelb(l)au have designed the building by using high-quality steel and glasses.

The roof of BMW welt is 16,000 square meters which is supported by 11 columns. Your visit to BMW welt and Museum will never go in vain. Because you will forever cherish the splendid sight of this building.


Do You Want to Have a BMW for a Day?

If you cannot afford to buy a lavish BMW but still want to drive then you need to visit this place. BMW welt provides you an opportunity to rent their newest models for an hour, afternoon, or a day.

Yes, you have heard it right, you can drive BMW at a reasonable price of 75€ per hour. In case you do not know who to drive a luxurious car, you can select the lesson first. By lesson I mean, you can take help from a professional who will train you to fly the rented model.


If You Want the Welt, You Can Have It Too


The wonderful building of BWM welt can be yours for a specific time period if you want a place for your private function. BMW provides the business club, double cone, and auditorium on rent for business purposes.

It gives you a complete package with audio-visual needs, catering, and stage services. So, you can also visit this place as a business tour to see if the place fits for your official ceremonies or not.


Do Not Be Afraid to Go Alone

You first need to know that you are not alone even when you are alone. If you are going to the welt lonesome, remember you have a guide beside you. The guides show you direction to the museum, welt, and production plant.

You do not have to worry if all guides are booked. There is an app that will locate you in the building and show you the directions to move ahead.


Your Cravings for Food Will Be Satisfied Here

There are numerous places near the Olympic Park and aquarium to dine in with your friends and family. In BMW, you can easily find some casual eateries serving snacks and drinks.

If you are not feeling like eating snacks and want to have a perfect lunch, you can approach the restaurants. You can also arrange your business meetings in these restaurants to leave an impressive gesture on your guests.


When Here, You Can Also Visit Some Other Wonderful Places


If your trip to Germany is already limited and you are short on time, I’d suggest you not to waste your entire day devouring at the beauty of BMW models inside the welt. Instead, you can easily manage visiting the old Olympic village alongside the BMW complex on the same day since a single station connects them all.

These were just the most important of all the things I feel the travelers must know. Other than these, I suggest you to observe the Welt’s amazing architectural build-up from its outside in the day time, rent a BMW model you think you can never buy to drive for an hour and check out the restaurants around the Welt too.



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