What to Do If You Lose Your Credit or Debit Card on Holiday


Murphy’s law warns that anything that can go wrong will likely go wrong one way or another. This possibility could not be more real than when you are out during the holidays because one thing that could happen is losing your debit or credit card. The following are a few tips that should help you figure out what to do should this happen to you.


Call the Bank

The first step to take is calling the bank or the financial institution that issued the card to you. This is something you must do, even if you believe that you simply misplaced your card. The financial institution has the power to put your card on hold until you find it.

The reason you are taking this step is to protect the funds in your bank or on credit card. You don’t want someone to use your card and get away with a crime. Most financial institutions have offices meant to deal with this issue at all times, so don’t hesitate to call as soon as you can.


Start Budgeting Now

There is no telling how long it will take to recover your card or to get a new card. It is important that you plan for the worst, so start budgeting now. What you are going to do is lay out all the money you have on hand at the moment.

If you are traveling with others, make sure everyone participates in this because budgeting can keep everyone fed and sheltered. Remove all unnecessary expenses, like eating out, unnecessary travel, and entertainment expenses. You are going to want to stick the bare necessities, like water and home cooking.


Help With Purchases

The next thing you can do is try to get a friend or family member to help pay some of your expenses until you get your card. Those who need to pay for accommodations or something important can ask a friend or family member to go ahead and pay for those accommodations or whatever else you might need using his or her own account.

This will work for many purchases, like online purchases. Make sure that if someone does help you out, work hard to pay this individual back as quickly as possible.


Get Some Direct Help

There are many countries and regions of countries where cards won’t be so helpful. Some places won’t even accept payments online, which is where you are going to need a cash solution. You are going to have to consider downloading a fast money transfer app so that you can have a family member or a friend send you some additional cash while you wait for the financial institutions to get you out of this pickle.

Money transferring services are almost everywhere, so your family member will likely find it quickly. The fees to send money orders is not too high and is quite secure as long as you choose the right money transfer establishment. Try to start with a small amount, and make sure you budget so that you don’t have to borrow too much during this financial emergency.


Use the Gig Economy

Finally, it may be a good idea to consider doing a few odd jobs wherever you are. Doing little jobs could not only get you a little extra cash, but it could earn you free stays, free food, and some new friends. You can explain your situation, and you’ll see that there are a lot of sympathetic people out there who are willing to help if they can.

This could be something everyone who is traveling with you could do so that you can overcome this little financial hurdle. The chances are high that you’ll be able to overcome this issue relatively fast, so you won’t have to do this too long, and you will be earning a new life experience along with some interesting stories to tell back home when you get there.

Hopefully, these suggestions help you deal with your present situation. It is important not to panic because there are options for you. Your holidays can still be as nice as you hoped they’d be; this is just a little issue that won’t be an issue for too long.


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