Where would I travel to if I won the lottery?


Isn’t everyone’s secret wish to win the lottery? Didn’t we all think at least once what we would do or where would we go if money wasn’t an issue and if we would have plenty of it? I love to travel, which is obvious as I write a travel blog, but there are some destinations that I only dream about and this is because I can’t imagine I will ever afford to see them in real life. Unless I would win the lottery, of course!

With my busy lifestyle, you won’t find me spending too much time at home. I am even writing this post while on the plane, unlucky to have been assigned a seat on the last row of the aircraft, which doesn’t recline. Oh, how I wish I’d fly business!

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I don’t have time to go and buy a lottery ticket from the shop and I am never in front of the TV to find out the winning numbers. And what if I want to play the US Powerball, just because the prize is bigger? Or the Irish lottery? There is actually an online website where you can win the prizes of all the major lotteries around the world if you match the numbers drawn at EuroMillions, US Powerball, OZ Lotto, and many more.

This is how Lottoland works: you pick the numbers which you think will be drawn and if you guess them correctly, you win the cash prize. Easy! With Lottoland you are not betting in the actual lottery but on the result of the official draw. As an example, you still win the amount of cash the US Powerball prize is if you guess the correct numbers, but without actually taking part in the US Powerball.

There are three main destinations that I would go to if I would win the lottery and if money was not an issue:


The Maldives – Embrace the luxury


I have always been fascinated by the Maldives: blue sky, crystal clear water, turquoise lagoons, stunning reefs, great weather and luxury, a lot of luxury.  When I say Maldives, I think at the overwater suites, with private pools and sundecks where you can enjoy cocktails, have a fish bbq cooked by a private chef or simply jump in the lagoon and snorkel to see the corals. The villas have glass floors, so that you can see the fish swimming underneath, and thatched roofs, to recreate the rustic feel of the Maldives mainland.

Most of the luxury resorts in the Maldives have their own islands which means that the entire paradise will be at your feet. For a cost, of course. I imagine the yoga classes in the morning, the relaxing massages in the afternoon and the feasts from the many restaurants these resorts have, in the evening. Did I mention private jacuzzi, infinity pools and private butlers?

Probably my choice of accommodation in the Maldives would be the W Hotel. However, a week in paradise is not cheap. Out of season, the prices start at £1000/night in an inland villa and at £1500 a night in an overwater one. If you are looking for extreme luxury, you can choose one of the Extreme Wow Haven overwater suits, with prices starting at £6000 a night.

The best way to travel between the islands in the Maldives is by seaplane and most of the resorts have their own private planes. If you want to call a taxi in the Maldives, you should expect a sea plane to show up at your “door”.

Maldives is a great place to visit for your honeymoon because it is best enjoyed with your loved one.


Ethiopia – The Danakil Depression


You might ask why I chose Ethiopia and how this country can be an expensive and an unreachable destination on a budget? The answer is simple, the Danakil Depression, a spectacular desert created by three tectonic plates, at their junction. The landscape of Danakil is surreal, being 100 meters below the sea level, with sulphur fields, salt lakes and active volcanoes bubbling with lava.

Danakil is also the hottest place on Earth, with only microorganisms living here. Alien looking like landscape? Definitely!

An adventure to Danakil is not cheap, and the comfort of the trip will be very low. And by that, I mean sleeping overnight in tents, trekking, travelling off-road in 4×4 vehicles, climbing active volcanoes and experiencing extreme heat.

During the journey to Danakil, when you get closer to the border with Eritrea, the tour will have a military and police escort due to the unstable political situation in the area.

An 11 days tour to Danakil, excluding flights, will start at around £4000.


Antarctica – The End of the World


There is no doubt that on the top of my bucket list is a trip to Antarctica. This year I have been so close to Ushuaia, the most southern city in the world and the departure point of most touristic cruises heading to explore the Arctic region. But the high prices of the voyage made me turn back and explore other regions of Chile.

Antarctica is the white dream, probably the only untouched corner of the world, with incredible beauty and wildlife. Did you know that penguins only live in Antarctica, and not at the North Pole as well?

Most of the cruises that leave Ushuaia will spend 2 days just sailing (so take in consideration when you book that 4 days are lost on getting to Antarctica), crossing the furious Drake Passage which will make even the bravest tourist feel fear because of the violent rocking of the ship. Once passed it, the cruise ship will spend usually between 4 and 8 days around the tip of the Antarctic peninsula, visiting the nearby islands of King George, Anvers, Adelaide, Snow Hill and sometimes even the South Shetlands.

The daily schedule includes two stops, depending on the weather, with activities like visiting penguin colonies, Arctic sea kayaking, whales watching or ice climbing (for the experienced mountaineers only).

To get the most out of the Antarctic trip, I would like to book an expedition with National Geographic or Quark. The prices of a cruise start at around £6000 for a 10 days adventure.

Where would you choose to go if you were to win the lottery?



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  1. The Danakil desert looks sooooooooo amazing. Before reading your post I had never even heard of it. How incredible. Guess I better buy some lottery tickets, coz that one is definitely going on my list

  2. Japan, S. Korea, and France are in the tops of my list. I️ want to see the world tho so it’s hard to pick only a few. Love this post- got me thinking about travel again.

  3. If I won the lottery, I would probably travel to all of these amazing places. But my main destination would be to travel to Italy to visit the heritage of my children. But I can’t win if I don’t play.

  4. I’ve never heard of Lottoland before! I love your travel destination choices, although I’d probably be too much of a chicken to cruise to Antarctica, lol! My top three destinations would have to be Greece, Alaska, and Australia. Greece will always hold a special place in my heart as I’ve always visited. I want to visit Alaska because I am enamored with whales and have never had the chance to see them in the wild. And of course, Australia for the amazing snorkeling and ocean life!

  5. Truly speaking to fulfill my global travel dreams I entirely give credit to my high earnings from career and wise investments. But I loved your post immensely the way your expressed your wish.

  6. Gosh all these pictures are breathtaking! I too would LOVE to go to the Maldives. My wishlist for travel is so long! I don’t gamble or play the lottery but I do dream about where I would visit if I magically had the allowance!

  7. If I won the lottery, I have a list of places I’d want to go. At the top of the list – Japan. I want to see Tokyo. I want to eat authentic cuisine. I want to be in the hub of technology growth. Second to that would be a great tropical island destination. Of which, I’m not entirely sure. Though Fiji has my eye.

  8. It’s so much fun to dream about winning the lottery! I love imagining what I would do with the money! I would totally go on vacation! I would love to buy a house and a new car and give to my parents too! These vacation spots are so much fun!

  9. Fabulous list!! I would definitely go to Antarctica as well. I think I would also add Africa, Italy, Greece and South America. As well as Rarotonga, Las Vegas, Ireland and Scotland. Possibly also Holland….

  10. Oh gosh what a question I would love to go back to Disney World in Florida, and of course Egypt, then I’m not sure, I might just throw a dart at a map and see where it lands, or take a cruise.

  11. to answer your question …Yes it is everybody’s dream to win the lottery haha – And all three of the places you’ve listed are on my list of places to visit too. It was only recently reading another blog that the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia came onto my radar but wow I would love to visit there. As for myself if I won the lottery, I would just continue to travel the world but add a few more luxurious places onto my list haha. – Great lighthearted read 😀

  12. I love the name of this blog, I always ask myself where would I go if I won lottery… hehe. I have Maldives and Antarctica but I never thought about Ethiopia, after reading your blog, I now am going to add that to my bucket list. Great read 🙂

  13. Love your post. Maldives is definitely on my list, but I would also have to add Dubai and the Philippines. Winning the lottery would be nice…but I hate to lose the $3 it costs to try!

  14. Maldives looks like a place I will visit if I won a lottery, so beautiful and relaxing. Winning a lotto is hard though, but its OK to live in fantasy once in a while.

  15. Stunningly beautiful! I intend to visit the Maldives next year. Let’s see if this trip gets possible. I have been wanting to go there for a long time now. But it didn’t happen yet. Your pictures are all the more making me want to go

  16. Hum, I have so many places that I would love to go, these three I think would be Antarctica just because it will be the most difficult to go without won the lottery 😀
    I am heading to Africa next December, will go first to Kenya and after will explore more, was thinking about Ethiopia, didn’t know that The Danakil Depression would be so expensive…

  17. Nice post, I can assure you that you can travel to the Maldives without winning the lottery but it would be nice to do it in first class luxury. Antartica would be on my list and then to never stop, just keep on going with only carry on and someone to find me a ride to my accomodation.

  18. Antartica would be one of my places to visit as well as I love Penguins! Ethiopia sounds incredible with the desert that has been created due to the tectonic plate shift. My number one place to visit would be Mexico and South America purely for the Ancient History of the Maya’s and Incas

  19. I think I would for sure travel to the Maldives, I mean, look at those landscapes! Paradise on earth for sure…
    But I think I’d love to do like a tour over the capitals of the countries I’ve always wanted to visit – Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, I’d love to visit those first 🙂

  20. Absolutely fab travel picks! I would definitely go to the Maldives too as it looks absolutely incredible. I would also love to finish off travelling South East Asia, and then make my way to South America!

  21. It’s really dream come true to visit these beautiful places. When I won Lottery, I will visit Maldives, the environment is just peaceful and wonderful. So perfect amazing destination for family, I would love to visit there with my family someday.

  22. Maldives and one thing for sure which is First class for sure! Haha! also there are some other good places to go as well like somewhere in Thailand but I think Maldives would be the one for me!

  23. Having been extremely lucky to go to the Maldives on my honeymoon, i’d say you are right to have it on your list! I’d love to visit Australia, Cananda and Iceland!

  24. What an amazing post and places, Maldives is already on my travel wishlist, it is so beautiful. I would love to have detailed tour of France, Austria, and Switzerland if I win a Lotto.

  25. OMG if I win the lottery I will travel all over the world! And I will take my friends & family with me – yep because I’ll be rich right 😀
    And then, I will settle in Vietnam <3

  26. Lottoland sounds like a great site to find all the big Lotto style draws from around the world. I’d probably visit Iceland again but had never considered Ethiopia until you mentioned it. However the Danakil Depression looks absolutely breathtaking and I would love to see it for myself one day

  27. If I won the lottery I would love to visit every continent and specifically spend some time in the south of France and some time in Italy on a culinary adventure. Buy a beautiful home too…..one can only dream.

  28. Wow!! This Ethiopia – The Danakil Depression looks stunning and awesome place to visit. and when I won in the lottery. I would definitely visit this Ethiopia and Maldives.

  29. I didn’t know for the Lottland, that’s so cool! I’m not that into Maldives. It is beautiful but the more I search about it I saw that people aren’t that fascinated with it. There isn’t a lot to do, but the whole place is beautiful indeed! Antarctic and Ethiopia is really a great choice, I think I would go for both as well!

  30. Oh, if money were no object! I had never heard of Danakil before reading this list. It looks quite interesting. Antarctica and the Maldives are two of many places on my list. Just FYI, while it is true that there are no penguins at the North Pole, there are penguins in several places in addition to Antarctica in the Southern Hemisphere.

  31. Maldives is a great option if you’re going to win the lottery. Don’t you like to take some time to travel Southeast Asian countries? This will give you cheap travel and hotel accommodations. 😀

  32. A great post and list!
    If I ever win the lottery, my top places would have to be Vladivostok, Bora Bora and Alaska.
    Maldives too comes in a close fourth… 🙂

  33. there are so many gorgeous places to visit , i would personally visit disney world florida fora family trip firstly but for myself and my husband i think i would take a world cruise , maybe the maldives , jamaica, somewhere like that x

  34. Winning the lottery would definitely mean fulfilling a lot of my travel dreams. I agree with you on the Maldives and Antarctica – what magical places!

  35. I would love to go to the Maldives one day but I think that when I win the lottery I will finally do my road trip on the west coast of the states and take my time seeing and doing everything! 🙂

  36. I must say that Antarctica would be my number one choice from your list. I’d love to go back to Iceland and Norway. I seem to be more of a winter person 🙂 (Okay, plus a nice safari in Tanzania!)

  37. OMG These pictures look amazing. There is so much I would want to do if I wont the lottery especially travel. You have such fantastic blog posts of the places you have visited. Always lots of inspiration. xx

  38. I’d head to Havana, Cuba for cocktails and a walk down the Malecon, as it’s my favourite place in the world. Then Australia to see relatives. And then finally, a big shopping spree in the US!

  39. I bought a new planner the other day — The Law of Attraction agenda — and at the back it has a map and it asks you to pick where you would go if money were no object. I picked New York (in the winter, around this time of year actually) and The End of the World. Oh, and the Northern Lights! A girl can dream… x

  40. I’ve always said if I had the money then I would love to do a road trip across America. Although the Maldives would be pretty high on the list too.

  41. If I win the lottery (oh god the dream) then I think the Maldives would definitely be on my list.
    Love to do Canada. Plus austria, Switzerland, Holland, Croatia. Love to go to San Francisco. So many beautiful places to choose x

  42. I had no idea there was such beauty in Ethopia! I just remember it from being in the news lots in the 80s.
    I think I’d choose the Maldives too. Those suites above the water look so dreamy!
    I genuinely enjoy thinking what I’d spend a bit lottery win on. Would definitely help if I actually played the lottery.

  43. The Maldives look absolutely stunning.
    I keep seeing images of places in & around the Maldives & gosh…. its even made me (who doesn’t like to travel) want to go there.

    Nice choices of locations. Lottery wise I think I should start again! Positivity hey

  44. If I won the lottery, I would be traveling to Maldives,Alaska, and Germany. Ive always dream of Alaska and its snow. I would want to see and set foot at Berlin, Germany where I got my name. And Maldives something I always imagine as so romantic thus would want to experience its warm and caring embrace. Ow, I am a big fan of the Beatles thus of course, I will not forget Liverpool on my list.

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