Where Would She Travel to If She Won the Lottery

Travelling is one of the most common ideas for spending money when they win a lottery. Most people wish to travel the world. To experience different cultures, learn new things, have a good time and make memories. However, money remains the limiting factor.

When you win the jackpot lottery, money will no longer be an issue. You can travel the business class, stay in the top-end hotels and visit places that are a reserve for the wealthy. You can now enjoy the exclusivity that comes with money.

Here are some of the locations that should be top of the list when you win the lottery.

A round the world cruise


With the lottery money, you have both the needed resources to embark on a long fulfilling journey; time and money. Instead of taking the usual one week cruise, it’s time to go big on your tour and launch a three-month-long cruise.

Find a typical voyage that makes multiple port calls across the globe. You get to visit all six continents while having the time of your life in a luxurious setup.

Visit the space

For a long time, visiting space was a reserve of space engineers exploring the possibility of life on the outside world. However, since the first man landing on space and proving life viability, the world has been preparing for a space race. And how best to do that by giving the few wealthy people a trip to the place?

The Russia Space Agency was the first to start flying a handful of billionaires to space. At the same time, SpaceX has also offered various wealthy personalities a trip to space. Even though there’s no exact figure on the cost of the trip, some reports claim it is worth around $175million. Given that after winning a jackpot money is not a problem, you can take up the challenge.

United Arab Emirates


A few years ago, Dubai was a mere desert town with nothing much going on. However, in recent years the city has had a massive upgrade with unprecedented infrastructure taking up the once lonely city.

The place is currently leading in top quality medicine, education, engineering and motoring world. It has some of the world’s flashiest cars and other infrastructure. It is, therefore, no surprise that most celebrities and other wealthy people have it as their preferred destination.

The city has every luxury that top money can buy. It is an ideal place to visit when you have the lottery money. Enjoy the best of times at the iconic sail-shaped Burj Al Arab for the ultimate five-star experience. And if it’s in December, head to Abu Dhabi to experience the Formula 1 season-ender and enjoy all the glamour.

Safaris in South Africa

If you are looking for an authentic and magical wild experience then South Africa should be on your list of places to visit. The country has one of the most robust tourist circuits to cater for wealthy tourists. Enjoy afternoons of hot air balloons while interacting with the wild animals. Consider the top class lodgings like the Ulusaba, which charges around £6,000 per night. This can only mean a magical experience.



Enough of reading about the penguins and watching them on TV, pack your bags and head out to the world’s isolated continent. Only accessible on a multi-cruise, the trip to Antarctica promises to be one of the most amazing experiences. When you get to the place, savour all the incredible winter wonderland, icebergs and have a great time with the other millionaire tourists.

Mount Everest, Nepal

Climbing Mount Everest is on the bucket list of most people. However, they tend to only get to Nepal. If you are looking to hit the peak of the highest mountain in the world, then the money is a factor. Also, being fit is an added advantage. Some of the packages cost up to $100,000. This should not be an issue after winning a lottery.

A European River Cruise

If there is something money offers then it’s options. Maybe it’s time to get out of the congested roads and air space and view Europe from a different view. Take a cruise through the Rhine or the Danube as you have a perspective of the old continent. These European cruises are costly and exclusive for the wealthy hence an assured luxury on board.

Las Vegas, United States


Think about Las Vegas and what comes to mind is fun. It’s time to enjoy what you see on TV shows in real life. Las Vegas is the ultimate place when money is no issue due to its glamorous clubs, fancy restaurants and gambling avenues. Having as much fun as you can while at the place. However, only remember not to end up coming back broke.

There’s a lot to explore in the world, except money is always limiting. Join Lotto to increase your chances of winning the lottery and start touring the world.

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7 thoughts on “Where Would She Travel to If She Won the Lottery

  1. Eric Gamble says:

    Interesting list for sure…love how you threw Space in there. Personally Vegas would never make this list for me, I have been there so many times for work and other functions and it is neat and fun but not “I won the Lottery…let’s go” worthy!
    I do love that you added Antarctica…I think I would add similar trips like that for example, Swimming with the Whales in Tonga, Exploring the Galapagos, and taking an epic Nile River Cruise in a traditional Dahabiya sail boat.

  2. Rikki says:

    If I were to win the lottery, I know exactly where I’d want to travel. I’d love to be able to go to Ireland, it is where my great grandparents immigrated from and I’d love to be able to go there and learn more about my family roots.

  3. Monidipa says:

    All these places you have mentioned are everyone’s dream. But if you ask me the only place where I would go and stay is in a house on a beach in Hawaii… I’m done traveling.

  4. Cristina Petrini says:

    It is a dream that I often have even if now the idea of ​​winning the lottery directs me more towards the idea of ​​selling everything and buying a house outside the country where I live!

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