Which ski festival will you go to this winter?


What is your absolute favourite winter activity? Maybe you’re one of those people who like to huddle under a blanket till spring. Or, perhaps sit in front of a fire with a cup of mulled wine in one hand and a good book in the other. But if you are an outdoorsy kind of person, skiing must be high on your winter activities list. And what’s not to like about skiing? The speed is exhilarating; it’s just you, the mountain, the wind in your ears and the soft sound the skis make against the snow. You are right there, living in that very moment as skiing doesn’t allow your mind to wander. And let’s not forget the views. Few vistas are more beautiful than the ones a mountain top has to offer. Words like breathtaking and peaceful come to mind. Someone once told me that skiing is like meditating. It is about finding and maintaining the perfect balance between your body, your skis and the ever changing conditions from the slope. That is so true!

But what if you combine skiing, the company of good friends, great music, tasty food, plenty of drinks and a party atmosphere? You get a ski festival. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people with the same passions as you. Plus, what could be better than a cup of mulled wine (or whatever beverage you prefer) while listening and dancing to good music, all of this after a day of skiing.


There are quite a few festivals out there, so how do you choose the one that is right for you? What are the most important features when deciding which ski festival you would like to attend? Maybe the budget is the most important factor, or the location. Some people go to a ski festival specifically for the music. Having said that, I’ve discovered a great “Ski Festival Finder” tool developed by Admiral Insurance that will help you find the perfect ski festival anywhere in the world. It is really easy to use and besides finding your match, you can also read useful articles and guides about this type of festivals. To ensure that you get the most unforgettable experience at a festival that is right for you, there are 5 questions with up to 5 answers meant to find the best option. Let’s take a quick peek:

1.    You will be asked about the location where you want you winter adventure to take place (you have a choice between Europe and the rest of the world);

2.    What kind of music would you like to listen to (here you have the options of electronic and dance, pop and rock as well as other & non-music festivals);

3.    Next question is about how much you are prepared to spend on a festival package (under £1500 or over £1500 – this includes the accommodation, tickets and passes);

4.    Fourth question enquires about the activities that you want and what level of skiing you have as well as what other winter sports you may want (here you can choose between beginner-friendly skiing; challenging slopes; snow sports, jumps and tobogganing or mention that you are not interested in any winter sports or activities and you are just there for the festival).

5.   The final question asks you about the most important feature of a festival for you (there are 5 options here: party atmosphere, great music, skiing for all levels, plenty of snow or budget holiday).


It is actually quite fun to search for the perfect ski festival, it’s like a quiz (I love quizzes) so I had a go. Needless to say, the result I got sounded so good that it convinced me to go dust off my ski gear and go on a shopping spree for some new overalls. This is what I chose for each question: I would like to go to a ski festival in Europe where I can listen to pop and rock music. My budget is up to £1500 for accommodation, tickets and passes. I am not an experienced skier, so I opted for beginner-friendly skiing. And, finally, since we are talking about a festival, the party atmosphere is quite an important feature for me. The result that I got is… drum roll… Rock the Pistes in Portes du Soleil, at the border of France and Switzerland.

This radical music festival has been building quite a reputation, this year being its 9th edition. In 2019 it will take place from March 17th to 23rd, every day from 1PM. The festival is spread on the entire ski area with artists playing on specially constructed stages hosted by various resorts. So, in order to see them, you literally have to ski from gig to gig, thus having the opportunity to explore the entire area. In addition to the big concerts, there are also quite a few apres-ski gigs and a two-day ski treasure hunt. How exciting is that! This year there will be 5 concerts on the pistes from 1:30PM and no less than 74 concerts all around the resorts, so I hope your stamina levels are high, as the party will go on late into the night. The good news is that you only have to pay for the lift pass to get access to the festival which pretty much means that it’s free.


There is plenty of accommodation to be found in the area, from luxurious hotels to cozy apartments, prices ranging from 60 euros per night to 1000 euros. However, this year there are more than 25.000 people expected to attend, so make sure you book your lodging as soon as possible. My trusted partner on finding accommodation on is Booking.com, so you might want to check out their choices for cosy chalets and spa hotels.

While you are doing your festival checklist make sure you’ve got all the gear you need. Even though it’s March, make no mistake, it’s really cold. For the outdoors, you should pack your ski jacket and trousers, a few pairs of ski socks, gloves, neck warmer, beanie, outdoor boots, jumpers, ski goggles, sunglasses and 2 things that are frequently overlooked: sunscreen and lip balm (yes, there’s a real danger of getting sunburnt). There will be many events indoors so make sure you have some fancy clothes in addition to regular indoors clothes (jeans, trousers, long sleeves tops etc). Although most lodgings will offer some toiletries, make sure you pack your own just in case. Also, make a check list with the things that are most likely to be forgotten like headphones, phone, chargers, camera, travel plug adapter, cards, all the travel documents, book, medication etc. It’s better to be organized and make sure you’ve got everything you need rather than getting that nasty feeling that you’ve forgotten something.


Like any journey, it can be full of the unexpected so ensuring that you’re covered is a good idea. After you’ve chosen your perfect ski festival on Admiral, take a look at their travel insurance. They have a specific Winter Sports add-on that you may find useful. They’ll cover things like lost or stolen luggage and ski equipment, delays caused by an avalanche as well as medical treatment costs. All of these at affordable prices for you to have a care-free vacation. I use Admiral for my car insurance and so far I’ve had a great experience with them. They even called me to go through and explain every coverage in my insurance, to make sure I am covered for what I need, and not pay extra for policies that don’t apply to my car.

Whichever ski festival you may choose, be prepared to have an unforgettable and unique experience. A week full of winter sports, a party scene of mountainous proportions that you can share with good friends. Now that’s what I call a recipe for a successful holiday!

Did you take the quiz yet? Let me know in the comments what ski festival you was suggested by using the ‘Ski Festival Finder‘!



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35 thoughts on “Which ski festival will you go to this winter?

  1. Lydia Smith says:

    Not sure I can wrap my head around skiing but I love seeing people ski. It’s good there is an app like Ski Festival Finder that connects ski lovers to what they love to do. So thoughtful.

  2. Erica says:

    I have never been skiing before. I live in the midwest and I’m not a big fan of winter.. (lol) but hot cocoa in a lodge sounds great! 🙂

  3. Amrita says:

    Wow, that sounds like a great tool. I have never visited a ski festival before, infact have never done skiing before. We hardly get snow in this part of the world. But will definitely do it someday!

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