Why Tesalate is the best travel beach towel

How much space does your traditional towel take in your luggage? I usually travel with a tiny one and it still takes as much space as my entire small packing cube. Beach towel? I wouldn’t even dream of carrying one with me, especially when I go backpacking for a few weeks. I always end up paying too much to rent a beach lounger, because I don’t have a bigger towel with me.

So, when Tesalate sent me their sand free, compact and rapid-dry beach towel, I couldn’t wait to take it to the beach for a test. And it didn’t disappoint!


It’s compact and light

The Tesalate beach towel is very compact and it easily fitted in my beach bag. It weights almost nothing, and it has its own little cute pouch to pack in when you are on the move. To compare, here is a photo with my traditional beach towel next to Tesalate. Note that they are both around the same dimensions.


Tesalate is made from AbsorbLite microfiber, 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, which is lightweight and smooth.  It weights around 500 grams.


It’s very absorbent


To test how absorbent Tesalate is, I took it for a swim with me into the pool. And the verdict is that it does absorb quite a lot of water before it becomes completely wet. From the instructions that came with it, I found out that is absorbs one litre of water, to be more precise. Once it’s completely wet it will become heavier.

But for normal use, to dry you off once you come out of the pool or of the sea/ocean, it does a great job. One towel will be enough to dry your body and your hair.


It dries fast


Another advantage of Tesalate is that it does dry quite fast compared with a traditional beach towel. After I came out of the pool I left it outside to dry in the sun, on the side of the beach lounger. By the time I changed and took a quick shower, it was already almost dry. Taking in consideration that it did take a dip in the pool with me, for the previous absorbency test, it’s quite impressive on how fast it dries.

This is great when you are on the beach and don’t want to carry your wet towel in your hand back to your hotel. When you travel, especially with friends, spontaneous things can happen and the last thing you want is a wet towel in your bag, for hours.


It’s sand free


Probably the most important feature of the Tesalate beach towel is the fact that it is sand free. This means that no sand will stick to it and a simple shake off will get rid of all of it. Of course, I wanted to test how well this works, so I went to the nearby beach for a test. I covered the towel in sand and then I simply lifted it up. All the sand slipped off easily, as you can see in the photo below.


I really like the Tesalate slogan as well, which says: “leave the beach as the beach”. I do love going to the beach but it’s annoying when I take my traditional towel out of my tote and sand starts falling on the floor. With Tesalate however this is not a problem anymore and all I have to worry about is cleaning the sand off my feet only, before getting back into the car to come home.


It washes easily

Tesalate is so easy to care for. You can simply put it in the washing machine and wash it with cold water, then hang outside to dry. If you want, you can tumble dry it as well. However, I wouldn’t recommend it, as I am not a fan of tumble dryers: they eat a lot of power, they make the fabric feel itchy and sometimes, shrink your clothes. So for me, it’s air dry all the time.


It has multiple uses


Tesalate is a beach towel but because of its dimensions and lightweight, you can use it for other things as well. It can easily be the perfect travel towel, replacing the bulky and not fluffy traditional towel (really, can anyone maintain their towels fluffy?). Tesalate is very soft and whilst it doesn’t have a texture of a towel, it does feel smooth on the skin.

You can also take Tesalate with you to the gym, when you go hiking, even use as a cover up for when you return from the beach.


It looks good!

Now that I’ve told you all about the functionality of the Tesalate beach towel, I want to mention their amazing designs as well. No matter what your personality is, you will find a beach towel to match it, among the numerous designs on the Tesalate website. I went for the Paradise Found because, well, I do love pink flamingos and blue is one of my favourite colours.

Tesalate actually is double sided: on one you will find a vibrant design and on the other the signature print of the company, a black and white triangle pattern, which you can match with your bathing suit. How clever is that?


Disclaimer: This article was written in collaboration with Tesalate who gifted me a beach towel for the purposes of this review. However, all the opinions featured in this post are completely mine and have not been influenced by it.

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27 thoughts on “Why Tesalate is the best travel beach towel

  1. Olivia says:

    What an amazing invention this is, it looks great for packing light too! I am forever finding sand in my case from the times I’ve taken it to the beach and not been able to get all of the sand off it again!

  2. Helen says:

    This sounds an amazing towel. I hate how much room towels take up in my suitcase and how heavy they are to carry around. We definitely need Tesalate towels for our next holiday!

  3. Jade Bremner says:

    I wish I’d of come across this post sooner we are going on holiday this week and I have been looking for something like this but I won’t be able to get one in time 🙁 looks so pretty too

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