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I can’t count the number of times when I looked up in the sky and watched the stars. Probably the best place I have stargazed was up high in the Andes Mountains, in Peru, at over 3000 meters, trying to identify the constellations the Incas would see and guide upon in the past. I remember being inside my tent, with the zipper barely open to prevent the freezing cold coming in, watching up fascinated by how close the stars seemed to be. My camera was outside the tent, pointed towards the sky and fixed inside my shoe (which was trying to replace a tripod).

It’s amazing how when there’s no light around you can see millions and millions of stars above your head. And up in the mountains, where there’s no other soul around, you are surrounded by them and you feel like stepping into a world of tiny flares igniting the darkness of the night.


In a couple of days, on the 1st of April, it would have been my grandma’s birthday. She died almost 8 years ago because of a stupid medical error, because a doctor could not recognise a stroke… My grandma was the most important person in my life, she was the one who raised me, who loved me unconditioned, who tried to give me everything, even if she didn’t have much. She was the one I thought would never die, I thought we would always have one another. So when death took her apart, suddenly, on a cold December day, I got lost and my world collapsed. I stopped going to school, I stopped eating, I couldn’t feel anything but pain inside me. And I would look up, towards the sky, and imagine she is there, among the stars, watching over me.

Every year, on her birthday, I would buy her the biggest and the most beautiful bunch of flowers I could find. And every year she would be surprised by it, she would tell me that I shouldn’t have had to because she is old, and she has flowers in her garden. But she would always put it on the living room table, and she would take so much care of it. She was so proud of me. She would always praise me and everything I did to her sister and to her neighbors. Even if she was 80 years old, she was always excited about new things. I remember how proud she was to tell her friends that I showed her my uni exam grades on the internet, without even knowing what the internet was. She was a special woman, she was my “Mamaie”. And she left a huge emptiness inside me when she left to the stars.

It’s been 8 years since I wasn’t able to buy her flowers for her birthday. I used to go to the cemetery in the first years but now, living in a different country, I can’t go anymore. This year however it is the year when I can show my appreciation for everything that she did for me and for all the love she surrounded me with. Thanks to the Star-Name-Registry my grandma will live forever among the stars and every time I will look up I’ll know that on the night’s sky there is a star named “Magdalena”. And it’s my grandma’s star.


Star-Name-Registry is UK’s number 1 online Star Registry through which you can name a star for you or someone special. It only takes 24 hours to register and name your star and all the certificates are sent1st class Royal Mail, free of charge. All stars have unique names and they can be seen on the UK’s night sky with the naked eye, which means you don’t need a telescope to be able to find your star.

You can chose a star from any of the 88 existing constellations, each with a different meaning and visibility from a different part of the Earth. I chose my grandma’s star to be in Phoenix constellation, named after the mythical bird that rises from its own ashes. This is one of the two constellations that represent remembrance, together with Piscis Austrinus.


The star registration certificate came through the post the day after I registered it, in a beautiful silver box, layered with blue wrapping and two delicate roses on each side of it. In the box there was a letter with instructions on how to actually see the star on the night sky and where exactly it is its location. The Sky Atlas, also included in the box, is very helpful to get an idea on where the constellations sit on the sky and how big the distances are between them.


The price for naming a star is very reasonable, starting from only £14.99 for a Standard Star and up to £69.99 for a Binary Star Gift Set which gives you the opportunity to name not one but two stars orbiting each other.

I have partnered with Star-Name-Registry to give one lucky reader the chance to win your very own Extra Bright Star package including the full documentation. All you have to do is tell me who would you name the star after and why. Good luck! 🙂

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Please note that the competition is opened only to UK residents.

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  1. Your grandma sounds like such a lovely woman and I’m so sorry you lost her the way you did. Having a star named after her is such a lovely tribute and you can always look to the sky and remember her knowing there is now a star named after her x

  2. I love that you have named a star after your Grandmother. That is wonderful. It is a great way for you to remember her, and treasure her.

  3. This post made me emotional because it made me remember my grandfather. No one would really recognize me as their favorite but I was his. He would beam whenever I walked into the room and give me the warmest hug. He was a great man and an inspiration. I love that you named that star after your Grandmother. I’m sure she’s delighted to have her own star. I’m sorry that you lost her, I know how it feels.

  4. good stuff to know we have such and the good thing is that you named it to someone special, we all have that star in our lives, well done for this. your grandma is such a wonderful person like Rhian said, cos i know we do stuffs like this for our very special people.

  5. Oh my, like you I might choose my granny….but more likely my dearest mum. She never really knew how much she helped people and how much they appreciated her assistance. She worked with little special needs children when she was abroad and tried her best to bring out the best of them and give them confidence. Also, she welcomed any new folk she met and helped them establish themselves and feel at home on foreign soil. We never knew how much they appreciated that until after her passing, when we received so many emails, cards and letters. She deserves a star. But then I am biased.

  6. Wow I had no idea you could to the registry and pay to name a star! Awesome things like this that we learn everyday through fellow bloggers. What a great way to rememeber your gran

  7. Wow. That star. It’s just one of the best gifts ever. Because of that, I’ll join the giveaway too!

    If I were to name a star, I would name if after my mom. She’s a superstar for me and I always look up to her. And stars make me remember the people that I admire the most.

  8. This is such a wonderful way to honor your grandmother. She seems like such a warm woman from what you’ve written. I am so sorry for her passing years ago. Grandparents are truly special.

  9. I find this post emotional. Yet I find you brave as well to tell us a part of yourself. Your grandmother must be real proud of you. Naming a star on her behalf is such a kind and thoughful act. 🙂

  10. Happy birthday to the brightest star in the sky, your grandmama. ❤ I, too, am a grandma’s girl and I love looking up at night. Clear, starry skies are very comforting and relaxing. I am also planning to have a star named. Maybe one of these days?

  11. This is such a touching read. I can feel how you and grandma are really close. If I can name a star, I would name it from my parents. They are my guiding light and simply the best!

  12. I am so sorry that you lost your loving grandma the way you did. I apologize on behalf of the doctor. It’s so sweet what you’ve done for her. I’m sure she’s looking down on you right now.

  13. So sorry for your loss and the wound seems fresh even after 8 years! Hugs to you! I feel for my mom the same way… I would love to name a star after her.

  14. Its heart melting, I know you really loved your grandmother so much. She is really a shining star watching you in heaven. You are still so lucky growing up and knowing your grandparents.

  15. The first two paragraphs really hit me straight to my heart. I can truly feel the emotion that you are really trying to convey. Such a great thing knowing that your name was named after your grandmother and I think it is such an honor and sorry to hear about your grandmother’s lost. I would love to join on your give away.

  16. Such a wonderful story and memory with your grandma you have there! I, always, wanted to get a star, I know a girl’s dream; But if I would give a star to anyone, it would be my husband, Spencer. I found him, when I was alone, away from everyone and everything known to me. He stood by me through cancer scares, happiness and he put his life on hold and without asking, I was his priority! He deserves the recognition, the stars, the moon and some more!

  17. I’m so sorry for your loss. Your gran sounds like a great woman and it can be very hard when you are that close when it comes to their birthdays. That sure does sound like a lovely gift idea.

  18. You must have loved your grandma so much to name a star after her. I’m sure she’s delighted at having a start named after her. Great giveaway. Best of luck to those who joined!

  19. What a fabulous giveaway. I was given one of these stars from my students one year. I absolutely love it.

  20. If I were to purchase my own star I would want a name that represents me and my family. Something like loyal treasures or something.

  21. Oh What an amazing idea I love this! I have never head of this before but it would be something we would like to do as well ! Thanks for sharing!

  22. I’m sorry that your grandma had to die due to that medical error. I could feel your pain. It was wonderful of you to name a star after her. Makes me consider this option, too.

  23. I’m sorry to hear you lost someone so special to you in that way. What a thoughtful idea for you to name a star after her – now she can watch over you always!

  24. Oh, this sounds interesting. I didn’t know that this exists somewhere in the world. But lo, it sure is. I love the idea, everything about naming a star. It’s like owning one. hahaha But hey, I would love to have one each for my loved ones. <3

  25. My mother passed away unexpectedly a year ago. It has been hard. Like your grandma, she was my support. I could talk to her about everything and she was always so proud of me. That’s cool you got a star named after her.

  26. what a cool giveaway. Yvonne is normally a name for 80+ year olds… this would be upping the ante even further… with something over a million years old 😉

  27. Its such a nice thing to do for someone you love, naming a star! I am sure nothing can fill in the emptiness left by her but you can remember her every night by looking up in the sky.

  28. I would name it after my cousin who passed away suddenly late last year. He really was a shining light in our family’s lives and he’s definitely looking down on us, he was always doing something nice for someone so would be nice to do something for him 🙂

  29. I would probably name it after my girlfriend, as we always like just driving to the coast, looking at the stars, and listening to the waves.

  30. My gorgeous little grandson Henry Oliver-Ray he’s 3 he is on the autism spectrum but he’s just beautiful in every way. He’s my little star!

  31. I would name it Adrian after my grandfather. He was very special to me and I miss him so much, I’d love to be able to look up into the sky and imagine him there 🙂

  32. My grandma (Karen) because she has always told us to aim for the moon so even if you miss you’ll end up amongst the stars. She would love this xx

  33. Oh my, like you I might choose my granny….but more likely my dearest mum. She never really knew how much she helped people and how much they appreciated her assistance. She worked with little special needs children when she was abroad and tried her best to bring out the best of them and give them confidence. Also, she welcomed any new folk she met and helped them establish themselves and feel at home on foreign soil. We never knew how much they appreciated that until after her passing, when we received so many emails, cards and letters. She deserves a star. But then I am biased.

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