Five Amazing Sailing Destinations in Europe

A sailing holiday is a unique way to have a great time on holiday with family or friends. It offers a different, more intimate experience, whilst still enjoying all the perks of the touristic attractions on shore. When you choose to go on a sailing holiday you are in total control over the itinerary and […]

How To Spend One Day in Belfast – Day Trip In Belfast

Belfast is considered to be the most popular city in Northern Ireland. If you’ve visited, you’ll understand why. The city is filled with a rich history, and it has a growing metropolitan vibe to it. Year after year, it’s become more common for travellers from all over Europe to head to Belfast on a day […]

Where Would She Travel to If She Won the Lottery

Travelling is one of the most common ideas for spending money when they win a lottery. Most people wish to travel the world. To experience different cultures, learn new things, have a good time and make memories. However, money remains the limiting factor. When you win the jackpot lottery, money will no longer be an […]

The Perfect Visit to the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a place of utmost beauty. This immense national park is filled with a variety of vistas that would leave even the most cynical visitor breathless. As the Colorado River meanders, dominating the landscape, the surroundings consist of impressive stone cliffs, the vast, seemingly barren desert, and wildlife refuges. But panoramic views […]

6 Things to Look for When Choosing a Travel Jacket

Your all climate jacket should offer the same comfort and breathability regardless of the weather. Also, it’s best to buy a jacket that’s stylish enough for trips around the city and functional enough for the less-beaten track. To allow for the latter, the jacket must be water and windproof, with sufficient heating or cooling property […]

2 Days in Hamburg Itinerary – The Best Things to Do in Hamburg

Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany and yet is often overlooked by international tourists. But Hamburg is well worth at least a two-day visit with its fascinating history as an independent city, vibrant nightlife, multicultural food scene, and lush greenery. There are so many things to do in Hamburg, something to satisfy every type […]