8 Best African Countries To Visit This Year

If it is not to the immense landscape of beaches and mountains, it is the diverse and rich cultural heritage that should add Africa to your bucket list of continents to visit this year! Yes, Africa is a beautiful continent with beautiful people, great food, and a lot more! So, are you interested in visiting […]

6 Cities to Visit Along the Garden Route, in South Africa

The coastal area east of Cape Town is called the “Garden Route” and is one of the most scenic spots in all of South Africa. Surrounded by the majestic Outeniqua Mountains, the Garden Route is a grandiose nature reserve with many rivers, mountain passes, lagoons, lakes and beaches, waterfalls, dunes and cliffs in all its […]

Traditional South African Dishes to Try on Your Next Trip to South Africa

The traditional South Africa cuisine is so unique because it has been influenced by so many different cultures over the years. The recipes and the traditional style of cooking of the indigenous people of South Africa has been heavily influenced by Dutch, German, French and British cuisines, but also by the Indo-Asia communities known as […]

Travel To Cape Town Where Mountains Vineyards And Oceans Meet

Known for its extraordinary beauty, Cape Town, on the slopes of the all-encompassing and imposing Table Mountain, is a travel destination that offers such a wide assortment of sports, adventures, wild life, shopping, cuisine and nightlife that you would find it hard to match. Boasting a Mediterranean climate, the weather is pleasant for most of […]