Five Amazing Sailing Destinations in Europe

A sailing holiday is a unique way to have a great time on holiday with family or friends. It offers a different, more intimate experience, whilst still enjoying all the perks of the touristic attractions on shore. When you choose to go on a sailing holiday you are in total control over the itinerary and […]

Wine Tourism: Regions with the Best Wineries in Europe

Over the past few years, wine tourism in Europe has grown more and more. Many wineries in Europe have opened their doors to visitors and create wine tours for visitors. Today, a visit to a vineyard in Europe is a proper experience, not only with exquisite wine tastings but also with overnight stayed, harvest events […]

Top 5 Journeys by Train Around Europe

I love traveling by train around Europe. With parents working for the national rail company, I spent much of my childhood playing around locomotives and steam trains, and I have witnessed first-hand the evolution of train travel. I was a curious child, and this led to many adventures, from learning about how the oil gets […]

Romantic City Breaks in Europe for Valentine’s Day

Ah, February, the month of love! Some people say that Valentine’s day is a commercial holiday, I say it’s just another reason to travel. How can you celebrate love better than through a romantic holiday for couples? There are so many romantic destinations in Europe, some more popular than others, such as Paris or Venice. […]

A Road Trip in the Almijara Mountains, Andalucia

Everything that shines seems to have gathered here. The blinding sun mirrors on the rocky mountains; the sea caresses the coast with its scintillating veil; the infinite stars glitter on many a cloudless night. You switch off the engine and get out of the car; again. Every 30 minutes you get to a new hamlet, […]

Your Guide on Visiting Cueva de Nerja

“Visit Cueva de Nerja” is probably on top of the list in many touristic guides for this beautiful town on the shores of the Alboran Sea, which borders Costa del Sol from Costa Tropical. The caves are fantastic, and although I have seen many others before, I found myself marveling at the stalactite and stalagmite […]

Menorca – Europe’s next big gastronomic destination

Last week I was invited to attend an amazing gastro experience showcasing the beautiful flavours of Menorca, traditional recipes reinterpreted in a modern way. I am a foodie and often one of my main reasons for traveling is the local food. I love to discover the local flavours and experience traditional ways of cooking. Cuisine […]