Dining at Veeraswamy, the Oldest Surviving Indian Restaurant in London

Dining at Veeraswamy is a treat and twice I had the pleasure of experiencing the hospitality and the fantastic food this restaurant offers. Veeraswamy is the oldest Indian restaurant in London, dating back to 1926. Located in the heart of London, on Regents Street, Veeraswamy specialises in traditional regional Indian dishes, cooked to perfection. And it’s so […]

Halnaker Windmill Trail – Discover the Fairytale Halnaker Tree Tunnel near Chichester

I first found out about Halnaker Windmill and the old Roman Road connecting London to Chichester when my country’s local magazine arrived in the post. The cover was dedicated to the Halnaker Tree Tunnel and wow, it did make an impression on me. I opened the magazine straight away to check where this stunning tree […]

Exciting Things to Do in Littlehampton – More Than Just A Beach Town

Since moving to Sussex, Littlehampton has become my happy place, where I go every time I want to enjoy some beach time. I love getting here early in the morning and spending the entire day either enjoying the beach, having lunch at one of the cute cafes in town or on the seafront, or strolling […]

Things to Do in Whitstable – A Responsible Travel Guide

Whitstable is one of the prettiest seaside towns in Kent, famous for its beautiful beach, charming old town and fresh seafood, and it’s close to London. In summer, many people choose to come on a day trip to Whitstable to enjoy the sunshine by the sea. There are plenty of things to do in Whitstable, whether you are […]

Floral Fantasies: 7 Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens in England

The bustling lights and towers of the English cities may be grand and spectacular, but nothing beats the sanctuary brought about by the botanical gardens in England. Besides being aesthetically pleasing to the eye, a walk through a botanical garden can reduce your stress and anxiety levels, enhance your cognitive functioning, and improve your mood […]

Scotland Bucket List: The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Scotland

We already know that this year, our summer holiday will most certain be domestic. And what more perfect place to explore than Scotland? There are so many fantastic places to visit in Scotland, where you can not only socially distance, but also experience without too many tourists around. This Scotland bucket list is meant to […]