Everything You Need to Know About Camping in Serengeti National Park

If you have booked a budget safari in Tanzania, you will probably be staying overnight in public camps, in the middle of the National Parks. As someone who hasn’t camped that much in her life, I didn’t really know what to expect from camping in Serengeti National Park, where I would spend two nights on […]

8 Best African Countries To Visit This Year

If it is not to the immense landscape of beaches and mountains, it is the diverse and rich cultural heritage that should add Africa to your bucket list of continents to visit this year! Yes, Africa is a beautiful continent with beautiful people, great food, and a lot more! So, are you interested in visiting […]

Is there an ATM in Zanzibar? How to Manage Cash in Zanzibar

Holidaying in Zanzibar is like stepping into a corner of paradise: turquoise sea, sandy beaches, sunshine, and the most delicious fresh fish and seafood dishes. However, as the infrastructure of the island is yet quite rustic, one important question that many visitors ask themselves relates to money: is there an ATM in Zanzibar? After my […]

My Experience Flying with Flightlink in Tanzania – A Flightlink Review

During my recent trip to Tanzania, to maximise my time in the country I chose to fly internally between destinations. Tanzania is a big country, with slow buses and a limited train service, so flying is a very common option to get around, especially for tourists. Flightlink is one of the domestic airlines in Tanzania, […]

How to Spend a Day In Kizimkazi, Zanzibar – A Travel Journal

All the roads lead to Kizimkazi, one may say. Well, not all really. In fact it’s around 80 minutes drive on the busy road that connects Stone Town with the south located village in Zanzibar. Private taxis will bring you here for 30 USD.  Kizimkazi is small fishing village, famous with fishing games and dolphin […]

Jambiani Restaurants Tested: My Choices of Where to Eat Delicious Food in Jambiani

Jambiani is the perfect village in Zanzibar for a relaxed holiday. Away from the bustle and bustle of other more popular beaches in Zanzibar, Jambiani still maintains its rustic atmosphere, without any big resorts taking over the sea front. Located 5 kilometres South from the popular Paje, Jambiani is small and quiet, and not as […]