A Delicious Traditional Maltese Food Guide – What to Eat in Malta

Before I traveled to Malta I didn’t know anything about the country’s cuisine other than it has influences from their neighbor, Italy. I expected to find many Italian restaurants, which I did, but that was just a small part of this amazing culinary journey I took on this small Mediterranean island. The traditional Maltese food […]

Have You Ever Fallen in Love With a Hotel? Hilton Hotel in Malta Review

Before I start telling you about my recent stay at the Hilton Hotel in Malta I have to admit that even though my last ten years of intense travel meant I stayed in lots of hotels, I never felt I´d fall in love with any of them. I was impressed, yes, but never like this. […]

Things to do on Gozo – A Perfect Day Trip to Gozo Itinerary

Article updated in January 2021 Gozo is known as the little sister of Malta, smaller with an older lifestyle, whereas in Malta you´ll find modern buildings, busy traffic and a lively nightlife. Gozo is more about finding peace and quiet, and it still remains an unspoilt oasis of stunning landscapes, remote beaches, sand stone villages […]