Lunch at the Oceana Restaurant, at the Hilton Malta

During my trip to Malta I was invited for lunch at Oceana, the main restaurant at the Hilton hotel.

Oceana Restaurant embraces authentic rustic cuisine in its menu, incorporating local seasonal ingredients and freshly caught fish and seafood.

The restaurant has been recently refurbished and given a fresh Mediterranean theme. The décor of the restaurant is white and blue and it accessorised with different sized ceramic pots which made me think of Malta´s archaeological heritage. Large panoramic windows led to the terrace.

Oceana Inside 2

You might not know, as I didn’t, that Malta is full of underground artefacts.  Builders have trouble because every time they dig into the ground for foundations they stumble on more and more historical relics.

As soon as we arrived, a friendly and attentive waiter greeted us and guided us to our table. As the weather was gorgeous we opted for a table on the outside terrace, in the shade. As soon as we sat down the waiter brought us the menu and took our drinks order. I went for a glass of white wine.

Oceana Terrace 3

The menu looked delicious and it was hard to choose only one dish. My love for beef won so I ended up ordering the “Grilled ‘Bavette’ of Beef with orange braised endive, brie and confit tomato”, from the daily specials menu.

As soon as we ordered, a basket of freshly baked bread and selection of dips were brought to the table: hummus, tuna and olives. Before traveling to Malta I had no idea that its waters were home to tuna and because of this you´ll often find it as a main ingredient in Maltese cuisine.

The main course arrived soon after.  It looked and tasted delicious. The meat was cooked exactly to my liking, medium-rare. This type of cut is chewier, has a finer texture and is full of flavour. The moment I had my first bite I could feel all my taste buds activating, the steak was so juicy and the meat flavour blended perfectly with the sweet tanginess of the orange.  The brie was an interesting add-on to the palette with its creamy and strong aroma.

Oceana Restaurant Malta - Bavette of beef - The World In My Pocket

Even if the main course was very filling, don’t we all have a different stomach for dessert? We went for a Strawberry Baked Alaska and a Tiramisu. The Baked Alaska was warm, with fresh strawberries and a scoop of homemade ice cream in the middle.   At Oceana Restaurant ice cream is made on site and you can really tell from the fruity, creamy taste. It actually reminded me of my grandma’s raspberry ice cream with which she used to spoil me in the hot summer days.

Oceana Restaurant Malta - Baked Alaska - The World In My Pocket

The Tiramisu was presented like a fairytale, with a beautiful (and sweet-tasting) garden at the bottom, the creamy house in the middle and the pistachio ice cream tower at the top. It was a real  work of art! I call it a garden but the base was formed from crushed biscuits, chocolate swirls, coffee and pistachio macaroons and tiny herbs. Could a dessert be more inviting?  I don´t think so!

Oceana Restaurant Malta - Tiramisu - The World In My Pocket

Oceana Restaurant Malta - Tiramisu 2 - The World In My Pocket

 We finished our meal with a hot cup of coffee.

I really enjoyed the relaxed feel at the Oceana Restaurant, the delicious food and lovely company. They also have a gorgeous buffet every Sunday.  I was disappointed I couldn’t attend due to my very early flight back to the UK the same day. I´d love to return and try the chef’s signature dish, which he described in detail (see the below interview). I can’t recommend Oceana Restaurant enough for its exquisite food, attentive staff and the stunning location.


I had the chance to ask the chef from Oceana Restaurant a few questions about the menu:


What was your inspiration for creating the menu at Oceana Restaurant?

The place is new modern and fresh


Are the ingredients used in preparing the dishes local?

50% of the ingredients used are local, the is focus on seasonal meat, fish, game, vegetable & fruit


What is your favourite ingredient to cook with, here in Malta?

My favourite ingredient would be fresh fish since we are surrounded by the sea and have this readily available


Which is your signature dish from the menu and can you tell us a little bit about it?

The signature dish is the Sous Vide Local Rabbit Loin. In Malta one of the local famous dishes is rabbit, you will even find some restaurants that only rabbit, this is known as a ‘fenkata’.


If you would design a complete meal from the Oceana Restaurant’s menu, which dishes would you chose to create the perfect balance?

This would be my choice for a great balanced meal:-

Pressed terrine of foie grass, confit of chicken and duck

Cream of celeriac veloute, oyster mushroom, parmesan froth, crispy ciabatta

Black Angus fillet of beef with medley of cauliflower, braised cheeks fritters, ruffle jus

Baked chocolate fondant with raspberry and white chocolate popsicle, gianduja ice cream

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  1. First of all, your photography is out of control. I love the composition! It feels very editorial 🙂 I would LOVE to go to Malta, I feel like its a very underrated destination. Thank you for putting something on my map that I would have never thought about! That tiramisu dessert TRULY is a work of art! I’ve never seen something presented in that manner! I’m also a huge fan of baked alaskas and again, just a masterfully presented dish.

  2. I have personally never been into a brunch, but that definitely seems to be something not to be missed when traveling to Malta (although I thought that was more an American thing!)
    Everything looks to be presented to feel you guilty to break it and eat it, hahahha!!! Specially that Tiramisu, which looks amazing.
    I’m thinking to cycle all around Malta next summer, so that has just been an ultimate post to make decide myself about it. The only thing I think I’m missing is the price. Couldn’t find it anywhere… And I’m afraid that talking about Hilton that’s going to be out of my budget.

  3. Woah!!! The ambiance looks beyond. It looks serene and relaxing. That’s a pretty place for relaxation. Worth visiting indeed!

  4. Your food photography skills made me crave to taste all of those stuff! The tiramisu’s presentation is definitely one of a kind! Really artsy! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  5. The Hilton in Malta looks fantastic! Looking at that steak dish in your photo made me really hungry. I didn’t know that Malta was full of underground artifacts either. That does make it difficult to build because preserving historical relics should be a priority.

  6. Surely a lovely hotel and looks really luxurious. The decoration in the restaurant is really more than beautiful and will really make you enjoy more you meal, such a wonderful ambiance.

  7. Malta is at the top of my bucket list and hopefully one day I might even get to sail there! It is so beautiful and I envy anyone who has been 😀 Oceana Restaurant looks amazing and the food looks very, very delicious! I will have to save my pennies so I can eat there when I get to Malta!

  8. This trip just gets better and better! The food looks amazing, it is mouthwatering and what a wonderful place to sit and enjoy such a delicious meal. Interesting about the archaeology, so much history to be discovered.

  9. Lucky you! The restaurant looks great and I love the high ceiling and windows. Must be amazing to sit outdoor and enjoy such a type of meal there. I am a sweet tooth so I really enjoyed the pictures of the dessert. Hope you liked Malta? Must be an interesting place.

  10. Those desserts look fantastic. You can tell they paid attention to every single detail on the dish! And your wide photo of the restaurant is just stunning. Such a luxurious place!

  11. I love when restaurants use local ingredients … it supports local business and is just in general better! This whole meal looks lovely and that’s exciting that they invited you!


  12. As always, you never fail to entice me with your lovely photographs! This place seems to be very luxurious! And your choices of food from the menu seems to be very appetizing. Makes me want to go and travel to Malta now. I can live there if everyday was just like that! 🙂

  13. The place iz huge and dreamy! The architechtural design is very well thought. Your photos brought me to Malta plus that food! I love how they presented the Tiramisu 🙂

  14. That’s a lovely restaurant, the view is breathtaking especially from above! I love the colors and the decor, it’s perfect! The food looks great as well, I love their take on Tiramisu!

  15. Your experience in Malta has definitely been highlighted by this fabulous gourmet experience. The dining room looks incredibly beautiful, with soothing colors and a classy decor. The outside is simply amazing. And the pictures of the dishes you tasted are more than inviting!

  16. The dessert is indeed fairy tale like! For the first time seeing herbs sprinkled on it. 🙂
    I never knew Tiramisu could be presented thus.
    I liked the seating arrangements made there.

  17. The Oceana Restaurant looks fabulous! I love the overall design of the main room. The Chef seems to be cooking tasty and delicate dishes! I am hungry after reading about your lunch 🙂

  18. I am in love with how the place looks! The blue chairs being tied in with the blue accents on the floor is beautiful! The food looks delicious too. Malta is on my list of places to see so I’m keeping this in mind!

  19. The view of the restaurant from the top is gorgeous and elegant. I wonder if some couples get married there and indulge all the delicious food. The Tiramisu looks so artistic to the point that I think I wont be able to eat them but to look at them.

  20. The food looks delicious but not what I’d think of as typical fare from Malta. The restaurant looks like it’s well set up for families. The design of the restaurant is pretty cool too.

  21. First, the decor is absolutely fantastic, would be so glad to go there for a lunch! And the food! Ok you probably have a real talent to take pictures but it really looks very tasty!

  22. Ambiance looks very relaxing, and a type that you should hurry the food, but enjoy every single bite. If I will visit this kind of place, I wouldn’t mind sitting for hours to enjoy my food.

  23. Oceana Restaurant looks amazing and its food looks incredibly delicious! But I’m more tempted to its Tiramisu which indeed was presented like a fairy tale! I bet you would have enjoyed every bite of it!

  24. The hotel is very beautiful. As for the food stunning presentation and sounds delish from your description. I never knew that there are so many ancient relics here and that it is a builder’s nightmare.

  25. I loved the ambience of thr restaurant. It would be a lovely to have lunch in the balcony, The food looks spectacukar. Are there any vegetarian options?

  26. I see a nice restaurant, there is a wonderful view on the surrounding area. Even the restaurant looks neat and clean. The food also looks very tasty and delicious. It could be a recommendation where to eat comfortable and tasty.

  27. The terrace of this restaurant looks amazing! Would love to enjoy lunch outside. The food looked delicious and I totally get the separate stomach for desert thing! It’s just how the world works 😀

  28. These photographs are stunning. The Oceana Restaurant could easily request for you to take their professional shots because these are so noteworthy! The food spread looks amazing and the decor is so lush. Love the sweet blue tones and the really awesome looking tiramisu.

  29. I love this. The presentation of the courses is amazing. Strawberry baked Alaska? Wow, I haven’t heard of that. What a unique dessert. I know how hard it is to make that dessert as I attempted it for my mother on Mother’s Day. I also loved the Tiramisu presented in 3 tiers. Such a unique gastronomic experience! I have yet to visit Malta, but would love to go to this restaurant!

  30. I am a sucker for interior design as well as travel so this place is so amazing! The indoor/ outdoor casual yet luxurious restaurant would be great year round! Did I mention I also love food (I’m quite the cook actually), I looked at their menu online and wow! I love when places have stuff you can’t pronounce or don’y understand the name of because that’s when you know its good!!

  31. All the dishes look deliciously artistic. Given that the chef’s favorite ingredient to cook is seafood, were you able to try any or ascertain which fish dish enjoys preparing most. I always like opting for a chef’s specialty because they seem to put more of their heart and soul into preparing it.

  32. Did not know that Malta had so many underground wonders… Kind of like London… Loved the place for its ambience… The food looks yummy. Like the fact that they use a lot of local ingredients…

  33. From the wonderful vista of open terrace to the picture of tangy juicy main course, I love every fact you mentioned in this post. Specially about the use of healthy fresh local ingredients which are so required.

  34. oh gosh… wish I can visit Malta and stay at the Hilton and feast like this… this is just so amazing and gorgeous… Wish I can try some of those delectable desserts and your photos convey all the food wonderfully…so tempting

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