Fairytale Christmas Markets in Europe You Must Visit This Year

One thing about I love about our beloved Europe in winter, is that most of the countries are organising fairytale Christmas Markets. If you love Christmas, then visiting Europe in winter is like stepping into a magical land, with fairy lights everywhere, traditions kept alive from hundreds of years ago, great food and, of course, […]

Discover Southern Moravia: My Three Days Road Trip in South Moravia

South Moravia is without a doubt, one of the most romantic places I have visited in the Czech Republic.  During my road trip in South Moravia, I drove along windy roads passing through vineyards, visited gorgeous castles and palaces, enjoyed picture perfect panoramic views, and savoured the most delicious traditional Czech food and wine. South Moravia […]

Experience the Magic of the Prague Easter Markets

Just before Easter last year, I took a trip to the Czech Republic to visit a friend who lives in Prague. I got the chance to explore the marvellous Prague Easter Markets, and to learn about the traditions associated with this holiday directly from a local. Staying just off Wenceslas Square, we enjoyed every evening […]

Wine Tourism: Regions with the Best Wineries in Europe

Over the past few years, wine tourism in Europe has grown more and more. Many wineries in Europe have opened their doors to visitors and create wine tours for visitors. Today, a visit to a vineyard in Europe is a proper experience, not only with exquisite wine tastings but also with overnight stayed, harvest events […]

5 European City Break Destinations To Go To This Easter

Easter is just around the corner and if you didn’t book anything yet, you should start thinking about where you want to travel to for the long weekend at the end of March. Cause staying home it’s not fun, especially when you have 4 days off work! I have teamed up with Holiday Gems City […]