Fairytale Christmas Markets in Europe You Must Visit This Year

One thing about I love about our beloved Europe in winter, is that most of the countries are organising fairytale Christmas Markets. If you love Christmas, then visiting Europe in winter is like stepping into a magical land, with fairy lights everywhere, traditions kept alive from hundreds of years ago, great food and, of course, […]

Where to Eat in Trento – My Favourite 8 Trento Restaurants

After spending two beautiful weeks in Trento and its gorgeous surroundings, I came to learn a little bit about the traditional Trentino cuisine after trying it at quite a few restaurants in town. As I have never visited this region of Italy before, I didn’t know what to expect from the cuisine and in my […]

3 European Road Trips you Need to Experience at Least Once

After a year of uncertainty around travel restrictions, there are a lot of holidaymakers with itchy feet who are longing to head further afield when we’re allowed. Now, with a roadmap laid out, there are signs that we might be moving towards a summer of travel opportunities. If you’re ready to pack your bags and […]

Wine Tourism: Regions with the Best Wineries in Europe

Over the past few years, wine tourism in Europe has grown more and more. Many wineries in Europe have opened their doors to visitors and create wine tours for visitors. Today, a visit to a vineyard in Europe is a proper experience, not only with exquisite wine tastings but also with overnight stayed, harvest events […]

2 Days in Rome Itinerary – How to Spend a Fantastic Weekend in Rome

Rome, Italy’s capital is a city brimming with world famous monuments and evokes images of romance and idyllic summer evenings. Its ancient streets and attractions perhaps the most photogenic anywhere in the world. An open air museum once beautifully described by Italian actor Alberto Sordi as “a living room that shall be crossed on one’s […]

Top 5 Journeys by Train Around Europe

I love traveling by train around Europe. With parents working for the national rail company, I spent much of my childhood playing around locomotives and steam trains, and I have witnessed first-hand the evolution of train travel. I was a curious child, and this led to many adventures, from learning about how the oil gets […]

Romantic City Breaks in Europe for Valentine’s Day

Ah, February, the month of love! Some people say that Valentine’s day is a commercial holiday, I say it’s just another reason to travel. How can you celebrate love better than through a romantic holiday for couples? There are so many romantic destinations in Europe, some more popular than others, such as Paris or Venice. […]

Where to eat in Arezzo: The best Arezzo restaurants tried and tested

One of the most underrated cities in Tuscany, Arezzo has a lot in store for travelers. While its Duomo is quite a spectacle and the old town is charming, the food in Arezzo is something special. So special, in fact, that we’ve whipped up this foodie guide to Arezzo to (hopefully) make you fall in […]