10 Best Things to do in Nagoya

There are so many fabulous things to do in Nagoya! If you are all into automobiles, temples, castles, historical, cultural attractions you can fly into Nagoya to experience it all. Nagoya, being the fourth largest city in Japan, becomes a part of the country’s fascinating Aichi region. Nagoya is a hub in Japan’s automotive industry, as well as mechatronic innovations such as robotics. Also, the motherland of ninja and samurai culture is Japan’s Nagoya. So, here are some best options for a Nagoya visitor! On the color con online store, girls can find all popular contact lenses in Japan and wear them for your Nagoya trip!

Toyota Exhibition Hall

As mentioned, Nagoya is a hub in Japan’s automotive industry, specifically, it is the central hub of Toyota automobile production. With that in mind visit the Toyota Exhibition Hall which boasts 20 different vehicles that are made at Toyota factory. Those who love engineering and robotics should not miss the opportunity to check out some innovative products of Toyota that are currently in work. You can also join with a tour of 2 hours that gives you knowledge about Toyota’s emerging background as a global brand that allows you to see the way of manufacturing Toyota products.

Tokugawa Art Museum

The more than 10,000 items on the display at Tokugawa Art Museum relate the culture and history of Japanese art. It showcases some cultural relics including a scroll belonging to the 12th century and also demonstrates the legend of the story of Genji. The art gallery of the Shogun family usually draws big attention from the visitors. Therefore, the Tokugawa Art Museum is a must-visit destination of every art lover who visits Japan.

Nagoya Castle

nagoya castle

Nagoya Castle is a building that belongs to the 17th century, to the era of Tokugawa Ieyasu. The currently existing building was done in 1959. The Shachi-hoko, a famous creature with a tiger head and fish body can be found here. The sets of costumes and weapons on display relate the tales of the old days of Japan. Everyone who visits Nagoya Castle does not forget to sip a refreshing drink at the teahouse in Ninomaru-en. If it is the summer season, Nagoya Castle must be your destination to join with the Nagoya Castle summer night festival. Gardens are lit with beautiful lanterns and you can witness some attractive traditional dances that are done to pay respect to their ancestors.

Nagoya Sumo Tournament


The Nagoya Sumo Tournament runs for more than 15 days in July. As some of Japan’s best sumo wrestlers are battling it out, watching a sumo tournament is sure to inspire you. This is one of the major annual festivals in Nagoya. So be sure to book a ticket if you are in Japan during July. Sumo belongs to one of the most important traditions in Japan. Therefore do not forget to note some simple rituals done by Sumo players before starting the game like purifying the ring by throwing some salt.


It’s a shrine which was originally built about 1900 years ago. Similar to many buildings in Japan, this was also destroyed over the years and rebuilt in 1996. By the present Atsuta-Jingu is Japan’s one of the most important Shinto shrines. The strain is located in the Cypress Grove and is famous for a grass cutting sword which is believed to be a gift from the sun goddess Amaterasu-Omikami. The famous Treasure Hall that features some masks, weapons and paintings shouldn’t be missed.

Osu Kannon Temple

Although the Osu Kannon temple was built in the period of Kamakura in the 12th century, it was shifted to the current location in the 17th century during the governance of Tokugawa Ieyasu and rebuilt in 1970. The Omamori jewellery which is believed to bring good luck when you carry them on your person can be found here in ranges. Every once in two months there is a flea market in front of the temple which is worth even a look.

The Sky Promenade


Being located in the Midland Square, The Sky Promenade receives the reputation for being Japan’s tallest observation deck. This deck occupies the outer area of the Midland square from 44th floor to 46th floor. To get some spectacular views through Nagoya, The Sky Promenade is a perfect spot. Visiting The Sky Promenade is incomplete if you don’t visit its stunning sky view restaurants, which direct you through some wind passages that give you another amazing experience.

JR SCMAGLEV Railway Park

There is no doubt that there are many train lovers everywhere in the world Paradise must be JR SCMAGLEV Railway Park. How amazing, as it displays the fastest train in the world, a real maglev. You can have a historic train trip back to Japan’s old days. For both children and adults, this Park makes a super fun location. It is a museum as well as a park. After a quick trip of 20 minutes around the city of Nagoya, you can enter this JR SCMAGLEV Railway Park.

Toganji Temple

It is an old temple built during the 16th century. Toganji Temple is famous for its large seated Buddha sculpture in the centre. One who visits Nagoya must have even a quick visit to Toganji Temple, as it houses a large block of wood that is believed to cleanse all the sins of a person who touches it. This temple is dedicated to the goddess Saraswati as well.  As an honour to her, Nagoya people celebrate a festival during May.

Nagoya Public Aquarium

One of Nagoya’s signature tourist attractions is the Nagoya Public Aquarium. Therefore, it becomes one of the most visited destinations in this area. Nagoya Public aqua Aquarium features a large number of tanks which are full of colourful marine life. There is also a museum where an amazing ice breaker is on display. It also boasts several dolphin shows, but it is better to skip them if you do not want to see dolphins in captivity.

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    We are supposed to visit Japan for the 2nd time, but COVID happened and we have to move it next year. In our itinerary includes attending a Sumo tournament, coz that is spectacular experience.

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