Checking In – Desire Riviera Maya Adults Only Resort Review


At the beginning of the year, whilst traveling around Yucatan, I was invited by the Desire Group to review their resorts on the Riviera Maya.

Desire Riviera Maya is a unique concept of adults only resort, where clothing is optional, aimed at an alternative-lifestyle public. Located on an idyllic beach close to Puerto Morellos, Desire Riviera Maya is designed to bring you and your partner closer together.

Please note that this is a couple’s resort and single people can’t book a room on their own. I was invited to Desire Riviera Maya Resort for journalistic purposes and this is why in my review I will use “I” instead of “we”.


Desire Riviera Maya Adults Only Resort


Desire is a unique concept of adult only resorts that are celebrating love and passion, overcoming boundaries and making your wildest fantasies come true. Desire offers a safe space for couples to get rid of their inhibitions and create stronger bonds. In a nutshell, Desire is a playground for adults.

Desire has three adults only resorts in Yucatan: Riviera Maya (the naughtiest resort), The Pearl, and Temptations (which is more party orientated and has stricter rules regarding clothing).

Desire Riviera Maya is for all types of open-minded couples who are madly in love.

And how best to celebrate your love for each other than in a dreamy location, surrounded by the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, palm trees and a private soft sand beach.


I have to admit that on my first day at Desire Riviera Maya, as I sat down by the pool, I felt very shy. But after a while, looking around and chatting with other guests sitting near me, I realised that the clothing optional policy is actually a way of freeing ourselves of inhibitions and of “what would others think?” syndrome. Around me there were so many different people, all enjoying and feeling confident with their bodies. We were all strangers to each other here, but everyone was friendly, respectful and open. This is what made me feel very comfortable.


The room at Desire Riviera Maya


I arrived quite late in the evening at Desire Riviera Maya, after a full day of exploring Tulum with friends whom I haven’t seen in years. To get into the resort you need to pass by a security guard at the gate, which will let the reception know that you arrived. So as soon as I got off the car, my personal butler came to greet me, pick up my luggage and invite me to the reception, where I’ve been warmly welcomed with a glass of champagne by the manager.

After she explained to me the concept of the resort and told me about the activities that were taking place that evening (a white party!), my butler came to show me to my room, the Ocean Front Passion Suite.  Yes, at Desire Riviera Maya you do get a personal butler who is just one call away for whatever you need.


As I stepped into my room I noticed straight away the sensual vibes. With a large jacuzzi surrounded by mirrored walls on one side of the room and floor to ceiling windows with a stunning view over the sea. How romantic is that, to sit in the jacuzzi and overlook the Caribbean Sea? On the side of the jacuzzi there was a bottle of champagne waiting for me. And yes, I did open and drank most if it whilst enjoying the bubbles of the hot tub.


The room is large, with plenty of space to move around. It also has a gorgeous terrace, which is shared with 4 other suites. It’s a wonderful place to admire the moonlight reflecting onto the calm water of the sea. Again, how romantic is that?


The bathroom has two separate areas, one for the toilet and the walk-in shower, and another one for the sink. The luxury toiletries provided are all Bvlgari. In the bathroom there are also plenty of towels, beach towels, bathrobes and slippers – which are very useful for the in-room jacuzzi.


In the Ocean Front Passion Suite room rate you also have a designated beach bed included, preferential restaurant reservations and airport transfer from Cancun.


The restaurants at Desire Riviera Maya

Even if it’s an all-inclusive, there are plenty of choices on where to eat when you visit Desire Riviera Maya. There are 4 restaurants on site, 5 bars and a special “Dinner by the sea” romantic package that you can choose from.

Tentazione is the casual restaurant of the resort. Located by the pool, here is where lunch and daily snacks are served every day between 11 am and 6 pm. Because it’s an open space, whilst having lunch you also have great views over the sea and the pool.


Arrecife is a casual restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with a different type of menu and cuisine each evening. Reservations here are not required. For breakfast, there is a buffet option but also al a la carte, where chefs are cooking traditional Mexican dishes on the spot. For dinner, there is no need for a reservation at Arrecife restaurant.


If you are looking for a different type of experience, Suki restaurant has an Asian inspired menu, infused with local flavours of the Yucatan peninsula. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very intimate, with red and dark décor which make it look very intimate. The capacity of the restaurant is small and for the Teppanyaki dining experience reservations are required.


Sahlo is Desire’s signature restaurant which serves aphrodisiac inspired dishes in a romantic and intimate atmosphere. Here the chefs are combining exotic ingredients into delicious dishes, all paired with the finest wines. The restaurant is small and does require a reservation.


The romantic dinner by the sea is a unique experience which you can book as an extra when you are making the reservation for Desire Riviera Maya. It is a wonderful intimate romantic candle-lit dinner, in a lovely gazebo by the sea.



Entertainment & Activities at Desire Riviera Maya

There are plenty of entertainment options at Desire Riviera Maya, starting with the activities by the pool, the workshops, the evening parties and the play rooms.

The daytime activities are a lot of fun and engagement, led by bubbly play mates. The activities change every week, but include morning paddle board lessons, stretches and aqua fitness, midday fashion shows, dance lessons and competitions, and afternoon beach volleyball and playtime at the jacuzzi.


A special activity that you can opt for is the 4 hours long naked cruise on a catamaran. The boat has the capacity of 7 couple and it includes food, an open bar and snorkelling equipment.


The Play rooms are special designated areas around the resort where couples can get naughty. On of them is the rooftop jacuzzi which is open from 1pm until 3am.


The special workshops are focused on sensuality, touch and relaxation, and can be booked through the resort’s website.


Each evening has a different theme and you should definitely check the website to learn about what is going on during your stay, so that you can be prepared with your costume. There are white and neon parties, sexy uniforms, red attire, even lingerie themed evenings. Live music, champagne, cocktails and best costume contests guarantee a good time!

Late at night the special disco opens in the “Y” Night Club. And what’s happening in the night club, stays in the night club.

You can also book special packages which include passionate dates in the gazebo or on the beach, where the resort provides a romantic atmosphere with candles, champagne, chocolate and strawberries.


The Spa at Desire Riviera Maya


The Spa at Desire Riviera Maya is designed around the Maya and Aztec traditions, with treatments that are both relaxing and sensual. There are many options of massages to choose from, some for couples only such as the Sensual Desire or the Erotic Ritual.


The service at Desire Riviera Maya


I have noticed how many of the people I’ve met in the resort were returning guests, which definitely says something about the service here. I have never been in any other place where the staff would become friends with the guests so easily. I have seen happy hugs between returning guests and members of the staff.

From the moment I stepped into the resort the staff made me feel special, and looking around me, I noticed that it was the same with every other guest. No wonder that people keep returning in the same place.


Privacy at Desire Riviera Maya


Privacy is taken very seriously at Desire Riviera Maya. Because of the nature of the resort, all the guests are given at check in a sticker to put on their camera phones. It is forbidden to take pictures in the public areas of the resort. In order for me to take photos of the resort for this article I had to wake up early twirly for a tour with the manager. I made sure that I didn’t catch anybody in my frame, adhering to the rules of the resort.

You can book your stay at Desire Riviera Maya here.



Disclaimer: Please note that my stay at the Desire Riviera Maya was complimentary. However, all comments and opinions in this article are my own.

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  1. I swear, as mother of 3 (soon to be 4), as soon as I saw the words “adults only” I wanted to be there! This place looks and sounds amazing! I would consider booking myself and my husband in here for a week or two 🙂

  2. It defiantly looks like a place for me and my husband. Adult only, luxury and beautiful surroundings. what’s not to like? After more than 20 years of marriage, I think this place could light up our love a bit. If I could take him to this place today I would.

  3. It’s definitely a novel idea and the resort looks incredible; those beach beds, the jacuzzis, the pools. As a single person I’m super jealous that I can’t just come here by myself and soak it all up!

  4. It’s always great to go to a nice place with your special someone. These kind of experiences linger on in the memory for long. A perfect resort ensures good memory.

  5. Wow what an absolutely stunning resort. It is interesting it is adults only as well as I am sure for many that would be something they would love to have. I can imagine the atomsphere is very different to family resorts.

  6. I’d love to visit a resort one of these days! I’m constantly jetting off to adventurous places on the other side of the world, but I think it would be amazing to just relax and unwind on a beach. Maybe for my next vacation, I’ll visit this resort!

  7. This is for sure a place design for couple because all of the activities and services mentioned will sure bound them together. And, a bubble bath is relaxing let alone to have champagne and overlooking the sea? I would be there often.

  8. What a truly beautiful resort, so tastefully laid out and appointed. I have never been to an adults-only resort before but after seeing what this one has to offer, I would definitely be talking to my partner about it. So great that so many guests continue to return – that itself is a mark of a great resort.

  9. this looks fun! i could never imaging myself naked on the beach though. but the place looks amazing. this is a perfect place for couples to just unwind and take some quality time and bond to strengthen their relationship. also a nice place to enjoy without the kids 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  10. This place is heavenly! Me and my boyfriend loves to visit an adult-only destination and have fun together. I’ll share this to him and maybe plan for our next vacation.

  11. The pictures are fab and quite attractive. I hope one day I will have the opportunity and courage to visit such a place when I get married. I love how excited you sound throughout the post

  12. What an interesting concept! An adults-only trip would be very interesting to take (with the right partner), and the resort is truly stunning. Thanks for sharing all the great details!

  13. I’ve never been to a clothing optional resort before so it’s good to know that it’s just for couples. It looks gorgeous there!

  14. After a difficult week with my toddler, an adults only escape sounds perfect! These pictures are so inviting. I live in the desert, so I love to vacation near water.

  15. Whattttt!!??? There’s an adults only resort? Why did I not know this! I have to look into this ASAP. Everything looks so relaxing and beautiful I mean who can say no to such a gorgeous place!

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