Les Auberge de Jeunesse – The perfect youth hotel in Namur


While searching for a hotel in Namur to spend my nights at during my trip to the city, I have stumbled upon Les Auberge de Jeunesse.



Located just outside the city centre, on the shore of the river Meuse, Les Auberge de Jeunesse is just a short 15 minutes’ walk to the main square of Namur. The surrounding area is wonderful, very quiet, in a peaceful residential neighbourhood.


If you don’t want to walk (which I totally recommend as you will have the view of the citadel in front of you and also might meet some of the local residents, the swans), there is a bus stop very close to the hostel. Is it very useful when you need to go to the train station and have your luggage to carry with you.



I arrived in Namur very early in the morning, so my room wasn’t ready yet. However, I was able to leave my bag at reception and to get a coffee before I went off exploring the surroundings.

When I returned I was given linen for my bed and a key card for the room. The hostel is secure, so you need a key card to be able to access the door behind which the rooms are.



The villa Les Auberge de Jeunesse is situated at was the former workshop of Felicien Rops, the famous Belgian painter.  The building is a listed Mosan Villa and while it has been renovated, an elevator was added to facilitate the access for people with reduced mobility as well.



I was booked in a three beds dorm, with an en-suite bathroom, which was situated at the top floor. The room was very spacious, with a bunkbed and a single bed under a rooftop window. Loving the position of the single bed, I chose it to be mine for the duration of my stay.


Every bed has a light switch and a plug next to it, which makes it very easy to charge your phone without getting off once you’re tucked in and ready to sleep. I found the bed to be very comfortable and warm (if you are cold there are extra blankets in the room). I was in Namur in April and it was still very cold outside, but I could easily control the temperature in the room directly from the heater.


Every bed has assigned a personal locker in the room which is big enough to fit a backpack in.

As I said before, the room was very spacious and even if I was alone there during my stay, with two other guests it wouldn’t have made a big difference. The room is divided into the sleeping area and the bathroom area, with a small table and chair in the middle. Inside the room there is a sink under another roof window, which provides plenty of natural light, and a shower room, with a small area to leave your cloths in before you step in (so that you don’t have to walk naked through the room). The water in the shower is timed controlled, which makes this hostel an eco-friendly one. And as you know, I always support environmental friendly companies.



The toilets are communal and are situated on the hallway. I like this arrangement because to be honest, I wouldn’t have liked to have a toilet inside the room, especially if it’s a shared type of accommodation.


The breakfast

I really liked that at Les Auberge de Jeunesse breakfast is treated seriously and you have a large selection to choose from, from ham, cheese and eggs to yogurt and fresh fruits. There are also two or three types of cereals, organic coffee, tea, hot chocolate and fresh juice.



The hostel is quite big, with a beautiful garden in the back where you can relax or have a picnic, surrounded by nature. There is almost a small garden in the front if you chose to have your morning coffee with a view over the river. Unfortunately, when I was there it rained quite a lot, but I would have loved to spend some time in the garden.


Even if the weather is bad there are a lot of entertainment options inside the hostel. You can choose to have one of their own brewed beers in the bar or head over to the games room and use the computers, play foosball, darts, read a book or simply watch tv.


The restaurant and bar

The bar is a great place to meet other travellers and socialise over a pint of beer and dinner. The hostel has its own chef and restaurant, with a daily 3 course menu which costs only 12,80€​ and which includes traditional Belgian dishes (like bouchee a la reine vol au vent with traditional garnish or beef stew cooked a la Houppe with glazed carrots and boiled potatoes, or Braised chicken in Sambre and Meuse sauce with pilaf rice). Vegetarian options are also available. They can also pack you lunch if you are in a hurry, continue your cycling journey or have to catch a morning train.  The price for a packed lunch is only 7,20 €.


Cyclists welcomed! The perfect hotel for cyclists in Namur

If you are a cyclist traveling through Belgium, you should know that Les Auberge de Jeunesse is a cycling friendly hostel and it has special covered sheds where you can store your bike and protected it from the bad weather as well.



Disclaimer: Please note that my stay at the Les Auberge de Jeunesse was complimentary. However, all comments and opinions in this article are my own.

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  1. I’ve never stayed at a hostel. I suppose it’s because I’m scared, lol. After reading this, however, it gives me hope. It seems like you had an amazing experience and I LOVE the open lighting over the bed and sink. How many times have you stayed at a hostel?

  2. This looks like a very interesting place to stay. I’ve never stayed in a hostel but this has some appealing qualities. I really liked the openness and the light over your bed and that it is eco-friendly. It really looks like a wonderful place.

  3. love how tidy and organized the hostel looks. Super modern but still real cozy, and the price range is just perfect! Really glad I came across your post, plus Namur is a beautiful place to visit ( I lived in Belgium last year and loved the country 🙂 )

  4. I really like this hotel set up! Its neat, organized, un-cluttered. And ideally located. The natural light usage is another favorite of mine. I hate artificial light in hotels. Adds to creepiness.

  5. This looks like a great idea for a city stop off! Cosy, clean and very cute too! The price of the three course meal is also very good, great when you’re saving your money for the rest of the holiday!

  6. This hotel is a kind if bliss to the travellers who wants to enjoy their all day loaded memories while they come back to their temporary home in any of their travel destination..You have also shown every amenities of this hotel very clearly..

  7. I’m yet to have my first experience in a hostel but this doesn’t look to bad! It’s a shame the weather wasn’t on your side as the garden area looks lovely.

  8. oh wow that is really cool, it sounds like this is in an awesome location, that is perfect and a bonus that you got the room to yourself!

  9. This looks like a nice place to stay when in Namur. I like the location of the hostel, that is my first concern when looking for a place to stay. Property looks clean and well maintained.

  10. This looks like a really nice place, not what you think when you hear the word “hostel”. My mind was changed about hostels in Bavaria, some of them were quite luxurious! Namur sounds lovely too! 🙂

  11. Wow! this Les Auberge de Jeunesse is such a beautiful place! I love the view of the surrounding throughout the window.! I would love to visit this place!

  12. I love staying at youth hostels when I travel; this one looks like a super one too! I confess I had no idea where in the world Namur was though until about half way through the post, lol!

  13. this hostel really looks clean and up to mark to stay longer and save a good amount of money! I will surely save this for my future travel

  14. This looks like a nice place to stay. I’ve never been Namuer, Belgium but it’s in my bucket list. I hope to vist this place someday. I heard it’s a beautiful country and I must see it.

  15. The place looks minimal but has everything! Hope you had a nice trip, I would love to visit Belgium! Heard a lot of great things about the city.

  16. I’ve never stayed at a hostel before but this one looks so amazing that I wouldn’t hesitate to stay here! In fact it looks so good I am struggling to believe it’s a hostel. Simply fabulous

  17. I love how they offer so much for the guests even in such a small space. Looks like there is everything that you would ever need!

  18. Les Auberge de Jeunesse looks like a lovely place to stay. Sometimes places like a hostel are exactly what I’d like, instead of a fancy hotel or resort. It sure seems like they had everything a travelor could want. The rooms are clean and big, it’s close to lots of the places people would want to visit, and offers breakfast to get you going. ps: Do tell, what fun things were you up to in Namur? x

  19. I’ve never stayed in a youth hostel before. They always got a bad rep when I was younger. They seem so much better these days, though, and I’d definitely consider staying in one now 🙂

    Louise x

  20. This looks like a great hostel, I stayed in one recently in Brighton and the breakfast in yours definitely beat mine and the little garden looks lovely. I’d definitely stay here if I ever go to Namur

  21. Ok, so I have a confession: I have never stayed in a hostel. I know, I know, a travel blogger that’s been to 31 countries (soon to be 32) and never stayed in a hostel. I have just never really warmed to the idea of sharing a space with a stranger. It freaks me out a little… but, I have a hostel booked for Iceland in a few weeks. I’ve been toying with the idea of just finding somewhere else to stay, and forgetting about the hostel – but it’s a money thing that’s the issue now…

    This hostel looks so cute – definitely somewhere that I’d like to stay (though maybe in a private room than a dorm). Do you have any tips or advice for sleeping in one of these kinds of dorms? X

  22. This hostel is super nice and clean. I stayed at a hostel in Barcelona and it wasn’t this nice. I would love to try a hostel like this some day soon! Namur seems like a great place to visit and explore!

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