Lunch With a View – Reviewing West Beach Bar & Kitchen in Brighton

I took advantage of the gorgeous weather over the past week and popped into Brighton for the day to explore the town I haven’t seen in 10 years, take a flight on the British Airways i360 and enjoy a delicious lunch overlooking sea views.

West Beach Bar & Kitchen invited me for a complimentary lunch to try their menu based on locally sourced seasonal ingredients from suppliers all around Sussex. As a Sussex girl myself who often buys eggs, vegetables and fruits from farm shops, and who grows her own tomatoes in the garden, I was very excited to taste their dishes made with local produce.


The inside of the restaurant, with floor to ceiling windows out of which you can see the sea. The bar area is round, resembling the same shape of the British Airways i360

West Beach Bar & Kitchen has a privileged location, just off the beach, beneath the i360. You can take a flight on the British Airways i360, then pop down for lunch, which is what I did.

Both the restaurant and the terrace at West Beach Bar & Kitchen have gorgeous views, so no matter if you choose to dine inside or outside, the sea is always in sight.


The side section of a burger, with a sesame bun on top, a red crispy slice of bacon, golden coated chicken in panko batter, and a salad leaf at the bottom. In the foreground there is a round metal container filled with golden skinny fries

The menu at West Beach Bar & Kitchen is quite small, which means that each course is crafted to perfection. I don’t actually like going to restaurants which have three pages of dishes on their menu, as the chefs can’t possibly master all of them to perfection. A smaller menu is a good pointer that each dish will be delicious. 

The ingredients used at the West Beach Bar & Kitchen are locally sourced from small suppliers all over Sussex. By using local produce, the restaurant is reducing food waste, produces more environmentally friendly dishes and contributes to the sustainability of the community by directly supporting the farmers.  For example, there is such a big difference between organic grown tomatoes, and the ones that are mass-produced, grown with fertilizers, picked when green and left to ripen on ships, or inside trucks on their way to the supermarket.

A bowl of golden french fries topped with pulled pork, red chili peppers and slices of green onion

The fish used in the dishes on their menu comes directly from the sea in front of the restaurant, and it is supplied by Fish Galore, an ethical local fishmonger who uses ethical ways such as line-fishing to source their produce. And you can taste that freshness when you order fish and chips, moules a la crème, or the smoked haddock at West Beach Bar & Kitchen.

Lunch at the West Beach Bar & Kitchen review

A view from above of the restaurants, from the British Airways i360. A seagull is passing by.

I chose the perfect day to come to Brighton, accompanied by my friend Lisa. Brighton is a lovely place visit on a day trip from London anyway, but the clear skies and 24 degrees contributed to a flawless trip to the seaside. After a fantastic flight on the British Airways i360 on which we enjoyed glorious views over Brighton and beyond, we headed towards the terrace at West Beach Bar & Kitchen, just a few steps away.

We were greeted by a lovely member of staff who asked whether we would like to sit outside or inside. We chose outside of course, and we could choose whichever free table we wanted. The menu was already on the table and we had a hard time choosing, because everything sounded so delicious.

We started our meal with a gin and tonic and a large lemonade, perfect drinks for such a summery day.


Golden pieces of fried cauliflower on a bed of orange bang bang sauce. They are plated on a black slab, together with a cherry tomato and green and purple leaves salad, drizzled with a white dressing.

For starters, we chose to share the Buffalo cauliflower wings in bang bang sauce, and the loaded fries with pulled pork and spring onions.

I was intrigued by the cauliflower starter as I have never tasted cauliflower cooked this way before. It was so delicious that I actually congratulated myself for ordering it, as it was the star of the lunch. The tender pieces of cauliflower were golden brown and crispy on the outside, coated in a light and flavoursome batter. The bang bang sauce, which is a mix of mayo, sriracha and different spices, complimented the delicate flavour of the cauliflower with sweet and spicy notes, which weren’t overpowering.

The loaded fries were delicious too, with plenty of sweet pulled pork cooked in a sweet barbecue sauce. Topped with spring onions and chili, the crispy golden fries were perfect to munch on whilst chatting about what a beautiful day me and my friend were having.


A plate of fish and chips: on the left hand side of the plate there is a white tartar sauce and yellow fries. On the right hand side there is a bed of green mushy peas and golden fries. The fish sits on top. It has a golden crusty batter, white sea salt on it, and a twisted slice of lemon on top

We decided on the mains on the principle that you can’t come to the seaside and not have fish, so we went for the breaded fish and chips with mushy peas and tartar sauce, and the panko Cajun chicken burger with bacon and guacamole. The fish was perfectly cooked, flaky when cutting into it, with a crunchy golden batter and sea salt sprinkled on top. I loved the tartar sauce, which contained chopped capers, giving it a nice acidity and texture.

The burger was big and delicious, with a perfect panko crusted chicken breast, so juicy and tender. As Cajun can be an overpowering spice, I felt that the guacamole acted as a balancing ingredient, complementing the flavours. In fact, I thought that this was a perfect summery burger because of its fresh flavours. I loved the texture too, with a nice balance between crunch and soft ingredients. 

All in all, we really enjoyed our lunch with a sea view at West Beach Bar & Kitchen. I liked the variety on their menu, with both vegetarian and meat dishes, making the restaurant a perfect choice for a group of friends with different dietary requirements. I also loved how fresh all the food was, made from locally sourced ingredients. West Beach Bar & Kitchen also focuses on sustainability, which I noticed when our drinks arrived with paper straws. I will definitely go back there again for a yummy brunch the next time I’m in Brighton.

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Please note that I was a guest of West Beach Bar & Kitchen and my lunch was complimentary. However, all comments and opinions in this article are my own.

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  1. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    The food looks fantastic! So delicious looking, perfectly plated and served to you to enjoy with that wonderful view. Oh this is divine. Beautiful place for a memorable dining experience.

  2. Natalia says:

    Love finding restaurants offering such a great food like the one you’ve presented to us in the pictures. I’ve never been in Brighton, but this may be a reason for a short visit! 🙂

  3. Marjie Mare says:

    The pictures of the food look so good and my mouth is watering. I am just seeing myself eating all these delicious food while admiring this beautiful view.

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