AquaPlanet Waterproof Backpack Review

When I was asked if I wanted to review the AquaPlanet Waterproof Backpack, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I first heard about dry bags during my trip to Phong Nha in Vietnam. My newly met travel buddy had one and she managed to keep all her things dry whilst visiting a few caves – including one in which we had to zip-line, swim, and kayak. All she had to do was secure the top of the bag and she didn’t have to worry about leaving her belongings for hours in a locker with a dodgy key, until we returned from our “expedition”.

Since that trip, I’ve wanted to try out a dry backpack. However, the pandemic happened and being stuck at home, I forgot all about it… until AquaPlanet contacted me and sent me their 25L waterproof backpack to try out.

What is a Dry Bag?


A dry bag is a backpack that is designed to keep your valuables dry and safe in any conditions. It is a perfect bag to take with you on a kayaking or SUP excursion for example, without worrying that your phone or change of clothes will get wet.  A dry bag is extremely water resistant, and it will keep your valuables dry even if it falls into the water.

Dry bags are extremely durable, and you only need to invest in one every 10 years or so. They are very useful when you are doing water sports, multi day hikes, bike or motorcycle trips or just day-to-day activities. We’ve all been there, when pouring rain gets the content of our backpacks wet.

The AquaPlanet Waterproof Backpack


The AquaPlanet Dry Bag is designed for paddleboarders, to keep their clothes and valuables dry whilst they are out and about on open waters. It has plenty of loops and straps to be easily secured to a paddle board, kayak or canoe.

When I first saw the bag, I thought it was going to be heavy, but it was actually extremely lightweight and easy to adjust on my back. I filled the bag with a few items and headed over to the woods to try it out. I was surprised on how spacious it was and how many things actually fitted inside. I would easily be able to fit in my laptop, an entire packing cube with clothes, and my toiletries bag.

I chose a rainy day to test the waterproofing of the backpack, and I am happy to report that not even one drop of water got inside. I like that the AquaPlanet backpack has two extra pockets – one for a water bottle and a hidden small one for keys or a mobile phone.


  • Lightweight:

The AquaPlanet 25L backpack only weights 1kg.

  • Durable:

The AquaPlanet dry bag is made from PVC tarpaulin – a heavy duty, extremely strong water-resistant material. It is used in the construction industry to protect partially built structures, to cover trucks or wagons, and to hold heavy loads. Many high-quality tents are made of tarpaulin too.

  • 100% Waterproof:

The AquaPlanet Waterproof backpack closes by rolling the top down and securing it with clips. It’s guaranteed that no water will get in.

  • Plenty of Storage:

The backpack has a capacity of 25 litres, but it extends through the front panel, which can be adjusted to hold extra items such as jackets, walking poles, ropes, and even a sleeping bag.

  • Reflective:

The bag has two reflective straps on the front panel, which make it visible in low light. This is a great safety asset, especially when you walk on a dark, country lane, with no paths.

The Straps


For me, straps are extremely important when it comes to choosing the right backpack. Long gone are the days when two straps on the back are enough for a backpack.  As I’m getting older my shoulders are not as strong as they used to be. Plus, my back is suffering from all the long-term travelling I’ve done over the years. I just can’t carry heavy things on my back as easy as I could before.  So, my perfect backpack has to at least have waist straps.

The AquaPlanet Dry bag has both waist and chest straps, which makes it so much easier to carry heavy equipment without worrying that my back is going to suffer the next day. All the straps are fully adjustable, which not only makes the bag fit perfectly on my back, but it also compresses, keeping the contents safely secured. The shoulder straps are also padded, making the backpack very comfortable to carry.  

About AquaPlanet


AquaPlanet is a small brand specialising in paddleboarding, and everything related to this sport. They sell paddleboards, SUP accessories, paddleboard clothing, and inflatable kayaks. They are an official partner of British Canoeing.

You can buy the AquaPlanet 25L Waterproof Backpack directly from the AquaPlanet website, by clicking here.

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  1. Aimee AMALA says:

    I love this! What a lovely design. I have a very small one for kayakking, but I imagine this would be great for unexpected wet weather. The design means it would be great for any weather! Thanks for sharing!

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