Street Art Around the World

Street Art has become a major contributor to modern contemporary art. This unique form of art that has it‟s origins in graffiti can be seen in most cities around the world and has become a platform of expression for artists worldwide. Graffiti originated in the early 1920‟s, when cities like New York began seeing graffiti […]

Seeing the world from the top of Puy de Dôme

I’m a sucker for a difficult hike and stunning, jaw-on-the-ground views. I recently completed seven days of a French-English language exchange in Vichy, France with a family of four, including two young children. Vichy itself is known for its natural springs that produce sparkling water, which the city uses in various candies, medicines and soaps. […]

Escape Winter Part 2 – The Best Warm Weather Getaways

I had so many beautiful suggestions for this collaborative post from my fellow bloggers that I had to split it in two. My second suggestion for where to escape winter is Chile. I have been there at the end of last year (I’m very excited to start a new series about South America very soon) […]

Escape Winter Part 1 – The Best Warm Weather Getaways

I am known to be a summer person and that’s why every winter I try to run away from the cold for two or three weeks and go searching for the sun. Winter in the United Kingdom can be a very depressing season, with a lot of rain and wind, with dim light and darkness […]

Best beaches in the Philippines

I’m a beach person and lucky to live in the Philippines, a southeast Asian country with about 7600 islands and countless beaches. Although the Philippines has long been known to be a tropical paradise, with some islands catering specifically to summer vacationers, there are still beach destinations in the country that remains to be (re)-discovered. […]

I just had to pack it

I remember my first ever big trip and how careful I have thought of everything when it came to packing. And I packed, and packed, and packed… so much that my backpack literally broke on the way to the airport, about 10 minutes after I left home. And where was I going? Backpacking in Europe, […]

Getting Around in the Caribbean

If you’re a traveller looking for crystal blue waters, year-round sunshine, and exotic islands, the Caribbean is a must-see on your travel list! However a common problem that many travelers run into is transportation. The Caribbean is essentially a ton of small and big islands clumped in the ocean. It’s too far to swim/kayak over […]

The best food I’ve ever had while traveling

This is my first post collaboration and I am pretty happy about it! The other day I was thinking about trying out new recipes and my mind flew away to that amazing blini I had in Moscow, and to that delicious pho I had in Vietnam, and to that delightful posy from Mongolia, and to […]

7 things to know before going to Napoli

It is very important to have some information before visiting Napoli, to know what to expect. It has been said that information is power as it helps in filtering stereotypes from truth. There are about seven indispensable things you need to be aware of before going to Napoli – Italy.   Find the cheapest flight […]