How to Plan Your Family Trip in a Few Easy Steps

Without proper planning most of our endeavours can never happen. This is especially true about vacations. To be able to thoroughly enjoy your trip, you have to foresee every possible pitfall and create plans B to Z just to be safe. And what if you travel with your kids? Then the importance of planning skyrockets as you have to make sure that everyone in the family will have some fun activities to do on holiday. Whilst the children would love spending their day at a water park, the adults might enjoy some time to themselves, so a way to make everyone happy is to find a hotel with a kids club.

Decide on the Destination


Yes, it’s obvious, but this is still the very first step you need to take. After all, it is the basis for the rest of planning. Have a certain destination in mind? Good. Then sit down and research the place to determine the best time to visit. Can’t quite decide? Then create a pros and cons list to pick the most suitable option. Make sure to involve your kids in planning. After all, they might have the most unexpected and engaging ideas.

Plan Your Budget


Determine how much money you would need on hotels, meals, and transportation. How much money will you spend on activities? Include in your budget spare cash for souvenirs and impulse buys. Once you have a rough estimation, think whether you already have enough. If not, find ways on how to increase your budget by saving more money or taking in some small side jobs on weekends. 

Find the Cheapest Flights

You have the dates, you have the destination, now let’s find transportation. Since you are most likely going to fly, find a way to get the cheapest tickets possible. Surf the Internet to find on what days the rates are the lowest. Travelling by bus or train? The same advice applies.

Book Accommodations 


And do it way ahead. The farther you are from your vacation dates, the cheaper the hotels and other accommodations will be. Want to find the best offers in destination and price range? Booking engines such as Booking or Agoda are great helps when it comes to comparing and finding the best accommodation options to suit your needs. They not only help you to book accommodations online, but they also have great search filters for amenities such as pools, spas or connecting rooms. 

Take Care of Your Health

No matter how healthy you are, don’t leave on a trip without buying health insurance. A lot of things can happen whilst you are on the road, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Travel insurance doesn’t cost a lot but can save you a lot of money when something happens. make sure you also apply for the NHS Global Insurance Card, if you are travelling to Europe.

If you are taking prescription meds, make sure you check the rules of the country you are travelling to, regarding medicine. Some Asian countries are known for not allowing anti-anxiety medicine in the country without a prescription or a note from your doctor.

Plan Your Activities


Once again, gather your whole family and create a must-do list for all of you. These don’t actually have to coincide with the regular and most popular sights or activities. The more freedom you give yourselves – the better. Just make sure to buy tickets online so that you wouldn’t need to stay for hours in line to get to some popular amusement park or monument.

Find Things You Would Treat Yourself To


Vacation isn’t just about visiting museums, sunbathing and kayaking. It’s about enjoying finer things. For instance, cuisine. If you want to truly explore better the place you are travelling to, try the local food. Check Google Maps to view your destination and find the best restaurants in the vicinity. Make sure to read reviews on Tripadvisor to find the best places that serve local cuisine.

And this is it – it only took you seven steps to plan a trip of your dreams. Already eager to get going, but your vacation isn’t happening for several more months? There is a way to quench that wanderlust, at least temporary – create a custom calendar where you can mark all the important events you have planned. What’s more, you can even decorate your calendar with the images of places you plan to visit and activities you plan to partake in. Such a fun and unique activity will only fuel your desire to do all those things and even bond with your family. To make that happen, you only need your trip plan, themed images, and a photo calendar maker. Try your hand at this DIY process, and who knows – making calendars about your vacations might become a tradition in your family. 

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6 thoughts on “How to Plan Your Family Trip in a Few Easy Steps

  1. Christian says:

    We never really went on family trips when i was young. That’s why if i have a family of my own, we’ll go on lots and lots of trips! This blog is really helpful!

  2. Polly says:

    I generally travel solo, so family holidays are more difficult to organize. I had to ask each person what activities they wanted and budget for such.

  3. Jasmine Martin says:

    These are such great tips. I know having a budget and planning your day to day activities definitely makes things so much easier.

  4. Knycx says:

    Planning a trip and a vacation could be quite overwhelming with so many information, it’s much easier with your steps and guides in the process. 🙂 Thanks for sharing

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