7 things to know before going to Napoli

It is very important to have some information before visiting Napoli, to know what to expect. It has been said that information is power as it helps in filtering stereotypes from truth. There are about seven indispensable things you need to be aware of before going to Napoli – Italy.


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Napoli is a vast sprawling city


It may not be possible to get an idea of the true picture of this enormous city while you are at the center of it. If you have the chance take a boat ride to Sorrento or just in one of the many islands found off the coast. Look back at the city of Napoli while standing on the island grounds. How is the city from the water? It’s just gigantic. See how buildings crawl pragmatically stretching up towards region of Mt.Vesuvius, occupying ever possible nook and cranny of the earth. Ideally, Napoli has two sides; modern and historic sides.


Napoli is a hilly place


Things you need to be aware of before going to Napoli Italy. In as much as the historic center is accessible on foot, it is always prudential to consult a local person before looking at a tourist map to establish the walkability of a place. While some parts like the Centro antico have a flat terrain, most places will involve either walking uphill or downhill, particularly when going to the train station, Archaeological museum or just when moving about anywhere. As a matter of fact, there is an infamous museum and palace branded as ‘Capodimonte’ that give visitors memorable experience in their tour. One thing you need to understand is the meaning of Capodimonte; it is interpreted as ‘top of the hill’.

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Not all taxi drivers in Napoli are cheats

Perhaps you have heard ugly stories of how cabs charge exorbitant fares to unsuspecting visitors. Well, there are cases of such malicious practices happening, but there still exists trustworthy drivers. In actual sense, the crafty would disconnect mileage meters just too deliberately interfere with the true rationale for computation of travel charges. This creates a loophole for them to demand outrageous charges. What you need to know for you to be safe, don’t use any taxi with non-functional meter. Kindly ask to have it fixed and if they are not ready to turn the meter on, choose another taxi as there are many of them. Nevertheless, do not go to Napoli with a notion that all the taxi drivers are cheats. You will be surprised to find out some of them are actually quite entertaining.


You will find bad and really good pizza in Napoli


Pizza originated in Napoli. This fact has made people fall in love with Napoli pizza. It is advisable to try out different pizza joints for you to get your perfect favorite. In the process, you will realize that pizza in some places is not that good. Therefore, you have to keep your eyes open and be watchful where you to buy your pizza. Places crowded with locals in search for pizza could be the best joints; try them out. Mindi and Daryl have created an excellent guide on where to find the best pizza in Napoli.

If you are a foodie, you might want to check out this cheap but fantastic food tour of the city as well, where you will try the most famous dishes Napoli has to offer. You can read my experience of the tour here.


Napoli is a safe place

Problems of crime have been evident in Napoli and the surrounding regions. But the crimes are not targeted to tourists but the usual petty crimes found elsewhere in cities. Perhaps the only thing you need to be aware of is the security challenge involving two main crimes-jewelry theft and snatching of purses. Pickpockets are there, as it would be the case in other major cities all over the world.

Napoli is not as dirty as alleged


Go to Napoli with moderate expectations since achieving ideal levels of cleanliness in a city as big as Napoli may not be an easy task. The level of Napoli’s cleanliness has nothing to do with touristic missions. You will find no garbage pilled along the ways of tourists in Napoli .


Napoli neighborhoods are also safe

There are rooms around the train station. This area is quite some distance from the historic center. Therefore, booking a room around the train station might not be a wise decision. Trekking in the daylight is not every interesting thing and it even becomes less appealing during night hours. It would be better to find a b and b in the historic center.


by Paolo Barissano

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  1. I KNEW IT! Of course not all pizza in Napoli could be good. I suppose in some ways, it could be a matter of taste buds? As I read about the uphill walks, I could imagine people in Napoli already get their moderate exercises by walking uphill and downhill all the time!

    1. Neah, they have escalators to take them up the hills and there is also a proper funicular to take them up and down. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. Your pictures are absolutely breathtaking! My grandmothers family immigrated here from Italy, so I was raised very Italian. I have a dream of traveling Italy one day and Napoli will be on my to do list! Thank you!

    1. I have visited a lot of places in Italy but never to Napoli. So when I got there I simply fell in love with the chaotic city and with la dolce far niente.

  3. Wait – there is such a thing as BAD pizza? I do not know that I believe you!! Even those little 50 cent frozen pizzas at the grocery store are good to me lol

    1. I don’t know… I love pizza too, never had a bad one! But this article has been written by a local and I bet he knows his pizza 🙂

  4. I have personally never been abroad but I am looking to start travelling in the next few years. Napoli looks like a stunning place though, would you suggest investing in proper walking boots if visiting? It does indeed look very hilly- but I like a challenge! And as for the pizza, no-one can be perfect I suppose! It’s interesting to know that’s even the Italians can get it wrong sometimes!

    1. Definitely you have to have proper shoes. I wouldn’t say boots, but walking/running shoes are a must. I would recommend them for every trip as when visiting we usually walk a lot and we need good support for our feet.

  5. It’s great to clear up some of these things as some places that have bad reputations are really rather lovely in actual fact! That pizza looks so yummy though, not sure I believe there can be bad…

  6. Neapolitan pizza is considered to be the one of the best in Italy! I love its delicious coffee and incredible desserts! Mouth watering! Napoli (Naples) is a wonderful place to visit! Enjoyed reading your post full of amazing photos!

    1. Napoli is a foodies dream! You just gave me an idea, I should write an article only about the delicious food I had in Napoli. 🙂

  7. I would love to visit one day and not just because of the amazing food. I did not know that pizza originated in Napoli either!

  8. I Love Napoli! I am glad you wrote this post!! Yes, Naples is not dirty and people are not all cheaters… But I’d say that the pizza (in Italy) is always good – compare to abroad 🙂

    1. I can’t take the credit for writing this article, it is a guest post written by Paolo, a Napoli local. But I have been to Napoli and I can confirm that it’s not a dirty city and the pizza is delicious. 🙂

  9. Some great facts you have enumerated here. I had heard about the place but never considered visiting it myself but your pictures and description are making me reconsider. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  10. Great advice! I’d never heard about most of the comments like it being dirty or unsafe. The way you have illustrated this post really sets it off.

    1. It is well known that sometimes, the garbage people of Napoli go on strikes. That’s where the stories about the garbage from Napoli. 🙂

  11. I am a big fan of Italy, let’s say Rome and Florence. I am really interested in Napoli now also. It’s good that you give us arguments why the negative rumors about Napoli aren’t true. And of course, there’s bad pizza in all countries and cities. Even in Napoli =)

    1. Napoli is totally different than Rome and Florence. It’s a chaotic city with amazing food and narrow streets, with friendly people and beautiful castles, and the Vesuvius volcano “guarding” everybody.

  12. Joanna, this is definitely on my bucket list. Your pictures are beautiful. It is nice to know about the safety for tourist as well. I have had the Napoli style pizza here in the USA and it was fantastic. I can only imagine how it would be there. Thank you for posting this.

    1. Not sure how the Napoli style pizza is, but probably has nothing to do with the real deal. 🙂 In Napoli pizza is very thin, with only a few ingredients on top and… very cheap! 🙂

  13. It is so beautiful there! The pizza looked good enough to travel for, too! I liked that you dispelled the rumors about the area and how to make sure you don’t get in trouble with a taxi. Those are good tips! Now I want to go visit there and walk up and down those hills!

  14. Thanks for this clarifications. 🙂 I’ve read about the crime issue in Napoli. Personally I think tourists should still be wary of going here for security purposes even if, say, tourists are not the usual targets of these crimes. Anyway there are other locations in Italy that are deemed safer. The pizza though may be a good reason to visit this city.

    1. I felt very safe in Napoli. I didn’t carry my valuables on sight and I didn’t go on dark alleys, I just took the casual precautions as a tourist in any other location in the world. I don’t think there is any threat in Napoli, I would say at the moment is safer than any capital in Europe!

  15. Oh this is very interesting.. i know the fact that Pizza came from Italy but I didn’t where exactly in Italy the Pizza originated from.. now I know that it is from Napoli… I’m a big fan of Pizza so this must be a great experience to taste the authentic pizza dish…it is also nice that you pointed out that the place is safe and not all the taxi drivers will take advantage of the tourist which really occur in most country even here in the Philippines

    1. I think taxi drivers pretty much take advantage of people everywhere in the world, not only in Napoli. Yes, pizza originated in Napoli. I would recommend you to watch Eat Pray Love movie, they do talk about the pizza in Napoli there. 🙂

  16. I would love so much to go to Napoli and Italy in general. I heard it’s amazing. Really fun facts about Napoli in this post. Thank you, a lot informative and helpful post. 🙂

  17. I loved the photo of the pizza, I think you captured a nice shot there. 🙂

    And I love it when people write about places from personal experience, not just stating dry facts. 😀

  18. I have to admit, Napoli has never been in my list of places to visit. However, this might have just changed my mind. Just because a product originated in one place, doesn’t mean it’ll always be the best place to get them. Haha.

  19. This place is definitely on my bucket list! I will be looking forward to the good pizza in Napoli! I’m glad it’s cleaner than others have said. Pictures look gorgeous.

  20. Napoli is a special city. On e you love with the goods and the not -so -goods; crazy drivers , pick-pockets, and very noisy but somehow yet romantic & beautiful

  21. I’ve been to various parts of Italy but not Napoli. I love how they make pizza in Italy, your picture has given me a notion for it!!

  22. Isn’t Napoli beautiful? And yes! Not all pizzas are good, but bad pizzas in Napoli are like the best ones in America, so…!

  23. It feels like Ive been on that place too because of all the information you posted here! And I will definitely love this place because of the pizza! Good to know that my favorite pizza originated from Napoli. I think I can live there for a very long time!

  24. Hey I never knew pizzas originated in Napoli. That’s news for me. I bet the pizzas there would taste amazing… Pizzas on a hilly place sounds really tempting. I loved your indepth post. Great job.. 🙂

  25. I have been to Naples in my teens, and all I can say is the only thing I can remember is their pizza! I also remember going to the Pompeii Ruins but OMG… I can still remember how the margherita pizza melted in my mouth..

  26. There is bad pizza in Napoli?! All my Italian friends are always bragging how the worst pizza place in Italy is still better than UK, well I guess not. I might be going to Napoli in July so im bookmarking this.

  27. I haven’t really heard much of Napoli if I am honest but it seems like you have done your research, I really want to go to Italy done of these days, such a beautiful country

  28. Wow! A Euro trip has always been a dream and Italy is on my bucketlist. When I hear about Italy, Rome or Milan automatically comes to mind. Good to know more about Napoli, hope I can go there someday.

  29. I would love to visit Napoli in the future! This place looks very nice and is on my bucketlist. Thanks for all tips! Your blog is very helpful! Wish you a great Friday and the whole weekend!

  30. My grandparents were missionaries for 40+ years. Seventeen of which they spent in Ethiopia. I once asked my grandmother, out of all the places in the world you’ve traveled to, which is your favorite? She didn’t hesitate .. Italy. There’s no place in the world like it. My husband went long before we were married and has been longing for authentic Italian pizza ever since. It must be quite a place because everyone I know would so love to go back! xx

  31. Napoli loos like a cool place to chill out. I loved the historic palace surrounded by blue water. It is so photogenic. I am a great pizza lover and as pizza originated from Napoli then I would surely have different varieties of pizza here . Good to know that Napoli is not dirty and it is safe also.

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