10 things you need to know before going to Cuba

1. Visa Everybody who visits Cuba needs to obtain the tourist card. If you are flying to Cuba with certain airlines, like Air Canada for example, you will receive the tourist card on the plane, for free. Sometimes, you can ask for it at the desk counter of Air Canada, in Toronto or Montreal Airports. […]

New Year’s in Havana

I woke up the next morning with a feeling of sadness, knowing it was my last day in Cuba. In less than 24 hours I was supposed to be on board of a plane, returning to the real world, in the 21st century. My time in Cuba had exceeded my expectations and thought me a […]

Why did I chose to go to Varadero?

Havana welcomed us back from Vinales with open arms. We arrived around lunchtime, after stopping by to have some food at a service station on the motorway.  Each of us was dropped off at our casas and, as before, I was the only one staying in the old centre of Havana. The first thing I […]

Vinales – The land of cigars and rocking chairs

It was Christmas Eve and I woke up early again, so I decided to take another walk before breakfast, to say goodbye to Trinidad, the town that stole my heart. The kid from across the street was preparing the bread for the fish sandwiches his father was going to sell later, and when he seen […]

Trinidad – Where I left my heart in Cuba

I fell in love with Trinidad at the first glance, from the moment our bus tuned left at the entrance of the city and continued slowly onto the cobbled streets alongside small colored houses. It didn’t take long until we stopped and get off the bus. A group of locals were waiting for us with […]

Cienfuegos and Santa Clara – Diving into Cuba’s recent history

The day started very early for me, as my body couldn’t adapt to the Cuban time, so at 5am I was already awake. I rolled over in my bed for some time and then decided it’s time to finally get up. My room was tiny, bust cosy, with a covered window that led to the […]

Cienfuegos and The Bay of Pigs – Blues and Cocktails

It was time to leave Havana, and my anxiety levels were growing from minute to minute, thinking that I’ll have to go without my luggage. At breakfast I met a group of Germans that just returned from a yachting trip around Cuba. Hearing about my story, they’ve put together all their leftover toiletries and gave […]

Havana – Through the eyes of a local

I woke up the next day thinking I can’t wait to go and explore Havana. You know, that feeling of fear and excitement in the same time of a new place, when you are wondering if you will love it or hate it. First, I had breakfast in the small kitchen, and then took my […]

Havana – The first glimpses

The clock was past 9 when I opened my eyes and found myself in my small room with high ceilings, hearing the sound of the rain playing on the balcony outside, together with women’s voices talking in Spanish. I looked around me and saw my backpack on the couch, untouched. I must have been so […]

Cuba – A journey back in time

The first time I desired to go to Cuba was years ago, maybe 10?, when I discovered someone’s blog and his journey though this unique country. I remember waiting restless every week for a new episode of his big adventure. But years passed, and I forgot about this little island, at the edge of the […]