India – Introduction

India. A country of contrast, where architectural jewels are covered by dust, where homeless people sleep in front of palaces, where cows are crossing the highways, where there are no traffic rules but skilled drivers, and where chaos is at home. And still, a country of good food, beautiful eyes, kind people, songs, traditions and experiences.

And I had a lot of experiences in these 3 weeks (almost 4) spent in this country of contrasts. I have traveled for the first time in a group, thanks to the contest I won at Holiday Pirates, and I had a really nice surprise. I have met really wonderful people that I hope I’ll stay friends with and the dynamic of our group was great. I explored the most beautiful parts of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, which opened my appetite for visiting other beautiful states in India.

I enjoyed spending Christmas and New Year’s with a bunch of cool strangers in the freezing desert or on the rooftop of a hotel, bombarded with fireworks. But I’ll get to that in the next chapters.

I’ve done things for the first time: I conquered my fear of heights and adventured myself on a zipline. I’ve learned and practiced yoga. I’ve seen the Taj Mahal.

I have also lived emotional moments when I’ve met poor children in a school in the slums and on the streets of Delhi. I never thought my eyes would water the moment I’d seen the condition those children live and learn in. I wish I could have done more for them. Most of those children will never have a chance to get out of there… to live in a room bigger than my hallway, to eat something different each day, to enjoy movies in the cinema or drive a car.

I came back home with a bag of memories and experiences. And with mixed feelings: do I love India?

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One thought on “India – Introduction

  1. ROBERT LEE says:

    Everywhere you go, Joanna, I guess you will always take back memories. It becomes a part of your life. You had fun and will always remember all the good things, the beautiful places and people you saw. You will always remember that life is not fair, and that you have seen with your eyes what poverty is.

    It’s called life.

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