Saving Money on Your Next Great Adventure


Travelling the world can be a great pleasure. There’s nothing more exciting than heading off on a great adventure somewhere new. You get to spend time meeting new people, seeing more of the world, changing our outlook on life and gaining brand new experiences. But, if there’s one thing that puts people off travel, it’s the cost. Travelling can be expensive. With flights and accommodation to think about, as well as food, days out, luxuries and healthcare, it can quickly start to add up. Added to that, is the cost of taking time out of work and the overall loss of income while you are away. The cost can make it tough. But, instead of giving up on your travel dreams and accepting that it just isn’t going to something that you do, take the time to find ways to save money on your next great adventure.



Find Cheap Deals

In today’s world, where we spend a lot of our time online, and everyone is bargain hunting, it’s surely possible to live life without ever paying full price for anything. You might think that sales shopping and voucher codes are only for things like clothes and appliances, but this isn’t the case. Save money when shopping online by using, and you’ll be able to book your dream trip, using a voucher code or deal to knock the price down significantly.


Find Better Ways to Change Money

Changing money is a complicated thing. We all know that using our cards abroad can be a mistake because we might be charged an extortionate exchange rate. You’re probably also aware that changing at the airport is more costly than taking your custom to a high street bureau de change. But, did you know that there are better ways to save money on your money?

We Swap offers you a great way to swap currency with other users. There’s still a small service fee, but, because you are swapping money instead of exchanging it, the fees are much lower than exchange rates.


Remember the Small Stuff

The holiday itself is expensive, but it’s not your only expense. Which also means it’s not the only place that you can save money. Shopping for clothes, toiletries, and sunscreen can also be costly, and small purchases can quickly start to add up to a big dent in your bank balance.

So, shop at the end of season for the best deals, and bargain hunt in sales and online to save a fortune. You can also save money by booking train tickets to the airport or airport parking online a few weeks before you are due to travel.


Make Money

While it’s always possible to save money on your adventures, it’s still not always enough. So, why not find ways to make money while you find your way around the world? Instead of relying on your savings, make money working as a freelancer or with a travel blog. Or, get part-time jobs in bars or restaurants as you travel. Evening earning a little bit each week can mean that you can keep travelling instead of being forced to come home.


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  1. Diana Tidswell says:

    I do love saving money while having a great time exploring every place. Thank you for sharing this tips with us I really appreciate it.

  2. Tosha says:

    Thanks for great tips for traveling. Yes traveling is expensive as it is and making sure to bring the small things and book way ahead for better deals

  3. Preet says:

    Thanks for sharing such a post. Definitely needed this today. I am planning to have a trip in 6 months time adn needed to save money,

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