Visiting a Lavender Field Near London: Mayfield Lavender Farm

There is something special about walking through a field of purple. And, with the rise in Instagram, lavender fields near London have become more and more popular with visitors craving that perfect purple photo.

People from all over London and the surrounding areas are flocking to Mayfield Lavender Fields each July, to take those perfect photos for the gram. Visiting a lavender farm however is not just for the Insta, it’s also a great way to relax and unwind by walking through the fields. Lavender is known to be a great natural stress and anxiety relief and what better way to take advantage of its properties than by visiting a lavender farm? In addition to the fantastic aroma spreading out in the air from the plants, when you walk through the lavender fields you can hear the buzzing of the bees and bumblebees, as they are gather pollen that will later be transformed into the most delicious scented honey.

Lavender Fields Near London


Whilst many people associate lavender with the South of France, in Provence, you’d be surprised to know that it has been cultivated in the UK since around the 17th century. There are quite a few lavender fields around London, some more accessible by public transport than others.

The easiest field to get to by public transport from London is Mayfield Lavender Farm, which I will give you more details about in this article. Being the most accessible means that it is also pretty popular with visitors.

In the North of London you will find Hitchin Lavender farm, which as well as the purple plant, it also has a field of sunflowers and an area of wild flowers.

In the South East, in Sevenoaks, there is another beautiful lavender field. Castle Farm is the largest lavender farm in the UK.

On west side of London, in Hampshire, Hartley Park Farm invites its visitors to explore the fields set against the ancient trees of the Selborne Hanger.

Going further west, if you are visiting the Cotswolds in July, do stop at the Cotswolds Lavender Farm as well.

When is the Best Time to Visit Mayfield Lavender Fields


Each year the lavender season varies, depending on the weather. Usually, the lavender is in bloom between July and August, but the best way to plan your visit is by taking a look the farm’s Facebook page, where they post weekly updates. You can visit Mayfield from June to September, every day from 9AM to 6PM.

Keep in mind though that when the lavender is in full bloom, the fields are very popular, so plan to arrive early. As a rule of thumb, avoid visiting during the weekends if you don’t like crowds.

How much does it cost?

Visiting the Mayfield Lavender fields is not pricey at all, with tickets costing £4. Parking is free. It’s good to know that reservations can’t be made online.

How to Get to Mayfield Lavender Fields


Mayfield is actually one of the closest and easy to get to lavender fields from central London. There are actually quite a few options, depending which area of London you are based in. No matter which one you choose, it will always be an easy combination of train and bus. To reach Mayfield Lavender farm from London Bridge, take the Thameslink train to Woodmansterne and from there change to bus 166 towards Banstead. Get off at Oaks Park. The bus stops in front of the gate to the fields.

From Victoria station, take any train to West Croydon or Purley Oaks, and then the bus 166 towards Banstead.

If you are driving, getting to Mayfield is pretty straight forward. There are plenty of parking spaces, but in peak season they do fill up very fast, and there may be cases when access for cars will be stopped, especially during the weekends. I arrived at Mayfield on a Thursday lunchtime, and the parking was pretty full already. When you arrive by car, you will pay directly from your vehicle, so you won’t need to queue at the entrance after you have parked.

What to Do at Mayfield Lavender Fields


A trip to Mayfield Lavender fields is an easy day trip from London. Surprisingly, there are quite a few things to do here other than just walk in the lavender fields.

The most popular thing to do at Mayfield Lavender fields, and the reason why so many people travel here, is photography. The fields are gorgeous and there is plenty of space for everyone to take photos, if you visit early on a weekday. There are even a few props that can take your photos to the next level, such as cute gazebos and the already famous red telephone box. I can guarantee that during July you will see at least one photo on your Instagram feed from Mayfield Lavender Farm.

Walking around the field is very relaxing as well, especially if you love the scent of lavender. And you probably do, that is why you are here, right? When in full bloom, the lavender is surrounded by thousands of bees and bumblebees, but don’t worry, they are friendly. If you leave them in peace, they will leave you alone as well.

Whilst having a picnic is not permitted at Mayfield Lavender Fields, they do have two cafes from where you can enjoy delicious lavender cakes, ice cream or lemonade. I recommend the small café in the converted Airstream campervan in the middle of the fields, as the one at the entrance is quite busy. It is very relaxing to sit under the shade of the massive tree nearby, enjoying a lavender scone and cooling down with a sweet lavender lemonade.


For lavender lovers who want to take a souvenir back home, the tiny shop at the gate sells all sorts of products made with this fragrant plant: soaps, jam, honey, aromatic oils, bunches of flowers and many more. If you visit London in summer, I highly recommend a day trip to Mayfield Lavender Fields. You will experience rural Britain and spend quality time with nature.

Visiting a Lavender Field Near London: Mayfield Lavender Farm pin

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