Checking in: Reviewing We Travel Hostel, Moshi

One of the places where I spent quite a bit of time during my trip to Moshi was the We Travel Hostel. I chose it based on the good reviews on and I had a wonderful, low-cost stay. If I remember well, I paid £8/night with breakfast included. The We Travel Hostel in Moshi is centrally located, with free WiFi, and I liked not having to walk too much to reach any place of interest in the city. It’s also a secure hostel, so non guests or strangers are allowed inside.

This is my review of We Travel Hostel Moshi, I hope you will find it useful and it will help you decide if you want to book a stay here as well. If you do, please use my trusted partner, by clicking on this link.


We Travel Hostel is centrally located on Mawenzi Road, one of the main streets in Moshi. It’s a 5-minute walk from the main bus station where all the dala dalas stop, and another 5 from the Mbuyuni Market, around where you will find the best tailors in Moshi. There are many places to eat and drink around We Travel Hostel, including the famous Union Café, one of the best restaurants in Moshi to have authentic Tanzanian coffee.

One block away is a small supermarket, and further along the same road there are many touristic agencies, offering safaris and day trips to the coffee plantations on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, the Maasai villages, or the Kikuletwa hot springs.  There are also a few ATMs, but if you want to find one that doesn’t charge a commission, you need to go to KCB Bank which is a 15-minute walk from the hostel.

The Room

Two bunk beds in a room with orange walls. Each bed has blue quits and white sheets and pillows. Above each bed there is a mosquito net tied with a knot.

The hostel is a two storey building.  The rooms are on the first floor, and the reception and the restaurant is on the second floor – on the covered terrace. They offer 4 bed and 6 bed dorms, but also triple and double rooms.

After check-in I was shown to my room, a four bed shared dorm. I was lucky to have the room to myself for the first few days, so I chose the bottom bed, as I was recovering from a severe bout of pneumonia and I was still physically weak, even climbing the stairs left me breathless.

Each bed had a mosquito net, an individual plug, and a personal light. A towel was included in the room price as well, which I thought was nice, as most hostels do charge extra for it. The room was very clean, and besides the two bunk beds, it also had a small table and chair, plus a fan, which was very welcome as the temperatures in Moshi were quite high when I visited.

The bed was very comfortable, a really nice change from the awful hotel I stayed at in Arusha.

A personal locker is assigned to each bed, and they are located in the hallway. You will need to bring your own padlock to lock them. They are not very big, but spacious enough for your valuables, a laptop and a camera. 

The Bathroom

The communal bathroom, with orange walls and green doors for showers and toilets. In front there is a wall with a green window, and a kitchen sink attached to it.

I am happy to let you know that We Hostel has some of the best showers I’ve encountered during my entire trip to Tanzania. Whilst there is a shared bathroom, each shower and toilet are in a separate small block. The shower rooms are spacious, with shelves where you can put your toiletries and clothes, and hooks on the doors for towels.

If you want to take a shower you need to turn the electricity on beforehand and wait for 15 minutes for the water to get hot. After you have finished, you must turn the electricity off. This is because Tanzania struggles with access to the electrical system.   Only 37%of the households are connected to electricity, and blackouts are very common, even in big cities like Moshi.

After I returned from my homestay in Lembeni, where the “shower” was just a bucket of water, it was wonderful to feel the hot shower and the proper water pressure on my skin.

Breakfast at We Travel Hostel

A plate painted with colorful circles, with two fried eggs, a triangle folded pancake and two pieces of toast. Behind, on the left, there is a white plate with half of banana on it. Next to it, there is a glass with orange juice.

Breakfast was always filling, with eggs, pancakes, toast with butter and jam, and some fruits. Coffee, tea and fruit juice was always included as well.

Every morning I was asked how I liked my eggs and what type of jam I would like. Breakfast is a great place to meet other travellers too, as the table sizes are quite roomy. 

The Restaurant at We Travel Hostel

A yellow and blue plate of chips mayai which is an omelette with fries, topped with ketchup. Near the plate there is a bottle of Kilimanjaro beer, and on the left there are two glass bottles of red ketchup. One of them is half full, whilst the other one is full.

I have eaten a couple of times at the hostel’s restaurant and I did enjoy the food. They serve both traditional Tanzanian dishes such as chips mayai or maharage ya nazi, as well as Western food such as burgers,  salads or sandwiches. The food was always good and the portions quite generous, especially when it came to the local dishes.

The restaurant is on the top floor, on the terrace, which is really nice, as you can have lunch or dinner with a view. You can also pick up drinks such as Kilimanjaro beer or Sparletta from the fridge, and then write your name on the dedicated notebook, paying for them at the end of your stay.


A man wearing a purple tshirt, looking down over the railing of the terrace

I found that We Travel Moshi is a very secure hostel. In order to get in, you must ring the doorbell. Someone in reception, which is on the top level, will look over the terrace and see who is at the door before opening it. It’s actually quite funny, as the gate only opens if the string that is attached to the handle is pulled from the top floor.

Each room has its own key, and the last guest to depart must take it to reception, and leave it in the bowl provided.

Other services that We Travel Hostel in Moshi Offers 

A block of gray metal lockers, next to a green door. It is 5 rows high and 3 rows wide, having 15 lockers.

Besides the travel agency on the first floor, where you can book a last-minute safari or a day trip to one of Moshi’s nearby attractions, the hotel can also book you reliable taxis. I needed to get to Kilimanjaro Airport quite early for my 7am flight to Zanzibar with Air Tanzania, and in addition to booking me a cab, they also advised what hour I should leave so I could get there in plenty of time, as apparently the check-in staff are very strict with times. Kilimanjaro Airport is located 43 milometers away from Moshi, and it takes around an hour by car. 

They charged me 35$, which is a very good price. Most of the taxis booked online will charge 50$ for the same trip. The driver was waiting for me at 4:30am and he was happy to do a detour and stop at the ATM before heading to the airport. If you have read my post about ATMs in Zanzibar, you will know that it’s better to take cash with you to the island. 

We Travel Hostel also offers laundry services, so if you’ve been hiking Kilimanjaro for the past 4 or 5 days, you don’t need to worry about having clean clothes for the next part of your trip. 

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at We Travel Hostel in Moshi. If you want to stay here as well, you can check other reviews from other travellers on Tripadvisor, or see the latest rates directly on

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  1. Amber Dickison says:

    I love accommodation reviews, and this one was excellent! I’m not the biggest fan of hostels but this one did look to be fairly comfortable

  2. Seyi says:

    Nothing captivates me about a travel accommodation as one that is close enough to the places I plan to visit. All in all, We Travel looks real value for money.

  3. Renata says:

    This looks like a great place – and the price is unbeatable. Was the breakfast included? Either way, it’s a great offer!

  4. Sharon says:

    Excellent review! This seems like a fairly comfortable hostel and the breakfast looks delish. That’s always the best part, the food!

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