Jaipur – Spices, stunning architecture and elephants with tears in their eyes

Jaipur is known in India under the name of “The Pink city”, even if it’s not really pink but more of a light orange. History says that when Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales visited the city in 1876, the Maharajah painted the city in pink because that is the color of hospitality. Since […]

Pushkar – New Year’s on the roof, broken fireworks and rest

I remember Pushkar being one of my favorite places in India, from my first trip so I was very looking forward to be back again. The colored market, the lazy fruit lassi’s, the fearless monkeys. But life had other plans.   Prepare your trip to India with the Lonely Planet guides. Click on the photos […]

Udaipur – Yoga, traditional dances and miniature painting

Another early morning, another local bus to catch. This time though we had to walk with our backpacks on for quite a while, to the bus station and back, being unable to find where the bus was picking us up. We went to the bus station while the bus went to the hotel. Finally we […]

Zip-lining in Jodhpur – The Blue City

Another day, another early start. This time the local bus was waiting for us in front of the hotel, which made the commute easier. It was still cold but not as cold as the local train. The chair were very comfortable also and between sleeping and snaking on Chocopie biscuits, the 8 hours ride from […]

Jaisalmer – The Golden city

We had a very early start the next morning, to catch our first local train to Jaisalmer. It was still dark when we boarded the Tuk Tuks at the hotel and left for the train station of Bikaner. The town was covered in a thick fog and the temperatures was very low. I was looking […]

Christmas in the desert

The night train to Bikaner wasn’t that bad at all. I actually managed to get some sleep even if I was a bit cold. We arrived in Bikaner early in the morning and went straight to the hotel to leave our bags and freshen up. The hotel was simply an architectural jewel, a haveli belonging […]

Back to Delhi

Imagine a city with 25 million inhabitants, with a population density of 11,297 persons per km square km. That’s Delhi. I found it different that the last time, maybe because of the weather and the fact that last time I’ve only spend one day in the capital of India. I came back to a grey, […]

Children of Delhi

First thing you notice when you land in Delhi is the heat from the airport. Even if outside the temperatures are low, inside the airport you can barely breath. Also, I think New Delhi airport is the first one that I’ve been to that has the floors covered with carpet. I landed at 1am, after […]

India – Introduction

India. A country of contrast, where architectural jewels are covered by dust, where homeless people sleep in front of palaces, where cows are crossing the highways, where there are no traffic rules but skilled drivers, and where chaos is at home. And still, a country of good food, beautiful eyes, kind people, songs, traditions and […]